How Can I Save This Old Soup?

How Can I Keep This Soup Alive?

How Can I Make This Soup Better?

How Can I Save This Old Soup?

These are the questions that I ask myself as I make one of my favorite things to cook:  SOUP. Warm soup is of course best in a cold climate, to warm you up, and sustain you with food, water, and seasonings. Soup is the most ‘fluidly’ flexible type of food, with a plethora of interchangeable ingredients.

Water and some type of Food is all you need to boil and simmer for soup. Salt is the third basic ingredient in most soups. To the common ingredients of water, food, and salt; various seasonings can be added like herbs and peppers. The secret of all soups is the quantities of the individual ingredients.

One reason that Soup is so sacred, is that soup is a fundamental way of extending the life of various raw foods, left-over foods, and increasing the serving amounts affordably. Take meats and vegetables for example. Soup preserves food longer in an acceptable edible condition, with the addition of salt, peppers, and herbs which preserves and adds various flavors.

Many of the vegetables (including peppers) and herbs usable in soups, can be grown organically in a small yard. The small amount grown from the yard can be harvested and stored before winter so as to last through the cold months until new ingredients can be grown the next year. A small patch of herbs can easily fill entire jars in one season, and can last an entire year of continuous soups because usually only a small pinch of herbs are used per batch of soup.

Remember even ‘Chilis’ are a type of soup!


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