Drogo’s Opinion of 9/11

I am a supporting member of AE911Truth (Architects & Engineers).

I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. To what extent? I do not know.

I am not sure which Government officials helped plan it, if any. I suspect Rumsfeld, Bush, and of course Cheney. I think more officials were involved in allowing it to happen, due to obedience and complacency due to executive orders and administration policy.

I cannot believe that our entire defense system failed to stop planes that were clearly hijacked. I cannot believe that the Military, the FBI, and the CIA let the Towers and the Pentagon get hit using the highest levels of modern technology, and after there had been numerous warnings that Islamic Terrorists were going to try to do it years before.

In fact, the architects and engineers had designed the towers to withstand jumbo jets hitting them, that was according to structural guidelines and codes for modern multistory buildings. Buildings only have total catastrophic collapse at free fall when charges are placed deliberately; when buildings suffer major damage at other levels, pieces or parts fall outwards. (Masters degree in Architecture and Air Force Engineer).

There are far too many questions regarding the ‘official conspiracy theory’ to go into here.

How did the hijackers get into locked cockpits?

Why did the Airforce jets or Pentagon defense systems fail to react?

Why have I never seen a translation of Osama Bin Laden’s tapes?

Why did the FBI not put Osama Bin Laden on it’s list of ‘Most Wanted’?

Why was the Bush family connection to the Bin Ladens not investigated?

Why was no one fired for incompetence?


PBS Nova Doc ‘Spy Factory’ – “NSA was monitoring Bin Laden before 9/11” but for some reason the official 9/11 report did not investigate that lead…. another odd finding, this NOVA doc was funded by Koch & Exxon. Why would they want full disclosure about their global operations related to our government? It is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, it is a fact that our secret agencies knew more than we were told, and are being told. You can plainly see Exxon and Koch in the sponsor credits. The theme of that NOVA doc was to say the only reason they did not stop the attack was because the agencies were not communicating at any level, and never once does it mention that those agencies are paid billions to lie to the public.

It was clearly used as a False-Flag event for war-mongers to impose more authoritarian rule in America, and launch more offensive strikes internationally for the MIC. The event really happened, but it was blamed entirely on terrorists, and used as a pretense for a pre-planned War in Iraq. It saved a lame duck president, it gave him 2 terms, and complete authoritarian control. We were terrorized by our own government, even after the attacks.

Saudis have been inside our politics for decades, so if they had anything to do with 9/11 i think it is fair to logically say there was some insider politics going on with that attack, if we call insiders any spy that gives info from within a political partnership. Bush frickin held hands like a teen lover with them, and was still loving on them after it was known most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi. Amazing we are still doing arms deals with them, i admit it is unbelievable but also undeniable. Yeah it is a possible theory that leaders never give top-secret orders to attack other countries, sure.

To think that the MIC cares about who funds it is an interesting theory.



2 Responses to “Drogo’s Opinion of 9/11”

  1. Spirit of Marz Says:

    Bin Laden did not actually plan 9/11…no…but his number three man and one of his men did…who are still in custody…

    • The whole dominant theory of 911 (official US story) assumes we are not covering up for the Saudi government or rogue black ops for political partner reasons. It assumes that there were no unethical dealings that top officials would not want covered up, and that if there were any that all major secret activities are always uncovered immediately because too many people were involved. There is literally no way to prove that, and yet it is highly likely that there are big secrets we will never know that did not involve many people knowing.

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