2010 Midterm Elections

I guess according to the press voters think we need another Iran-Contra deal, like the shit they pulled after President Carter, to make it seem like caution was bad, creating mega-bubbles in the economy. I remember the 80s, and it was a wonderful fairyland based on greed.

Radio and TV News is making it seem as though the Republicans and Republican influenced Tea Party are going to gain control over the House and the Senate, under President Obama. It seems very sad that they did not want such a ‘liberal’ president, and they thought Bush was better. Even though the Great Recession started during Bush’s second term. It was during that time I was forced by circumstances to join the US Military, because of political pressures that stopped me from working other available jobs. There were very few green jobs around where I lived, and I was not in a position to move, without being homeless.

O well, it’s like voters are once again saying, “Fuck the future!”

Imagine if everyone voted for their favorite candidate or leader, and not just for the 2 main options presented by the 2 parties of stalemate. I know, it’s too radical. ^%(^%(&%(&^%(&^


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