Drogo’s Guide to Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol – used on skin cuts and scrapes to sanitize

Grain Alcohol –  moonshine, white lightning, pure alcohol meant for the highest level of intoxicating drink; but so combustible it can be used as carbureted engine fuel, lamp oil, or as rubbing alcohol; it is the basic distillation of grains used in whiskey, gin, etc…



6 Bottles & Mystery Decanter fit inside a 10″ x 10″ Cabinet

(Firewater, Kahlua, Rum, Vodka, Scotch Whiskey, Sherry, Decanter)

[ 750 ml tall & thin bottles; cheap and compact $10-$20 ]


Favorite Liquors (in order of preference):

1. Firewater (Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur, hard sweet)

2. Sherry (Wine Liqueur, smooth sweet) “Fortified Wine”

3. Brandy (Wine Spirits, hard sweet) “Burnt Wine”

4. Rum (Sugar Molasses Spirits, hard sweet)

5. Kahlua (Coffee Liqueur, smooth sweet)

6. Whiskey (Grain Spirits): Scotch, Bourbon, Wisky (hard bitter)

7. Vodka (Potato or Grain Spirits, hard hard)

8. Tequila (Agave plant, hard bitter)

9. Gin (grain & juniper, spirits & citrus liqueur, hard bitter)

10.Peppermint Schnapps (Liqueur, hard sweet)


6 Basic Home Cabinet Liquors

1.  Rum (Sugar Molasses Spirits; hard sweet)

2.  Whiskey (Grain Spirits: Scotch, Bourbon, Wisky; hard bitter)

3.  Vodka (Potato or Grain Spirits; hard pure)

4.  Gin (grain & juniper, spirits & citrus liqueur; hard bitter)

5.  Tequila (Agave plant; hard bitter)

6.  Liqueurs (Schnapps, Sherry, Brandy; smooth sweet)


Note on Nicknames: The name for Whiskey comes from the Celtic “Uisge Beatha” meaning “Water of Life”. It was commonly called simply “Uske” for “Water”, which led to the pronunciation being spelled the way we do now. It was common for alcohol to be called “Water”, “Water of Life”, “Fire Water”, and “Dew”, as well as other nicknames that are not variations on ‘water’.


Fortified Wines include: port, sherry, madeira, marsala, and vermouth

The original reason for fortifying wine was to preserve it, since ethanol is a natural antiseptic. Also adding Liquors to Wines adds distinct flavors to the finished product, and makes the Wine stronger with a higher alcohol content, while retaining the wine flavor. Sherry is wine & brandy mixed.



1.  Chablis  (sweet)

2.  Martha’s Vineyard

3.  Zinfandel (light white)

4.  Port  (heavy sweet)

5.  Cabaret Sauvignon (smooth sweet)

6.  Sangria (sweet tangy)

7.  Merlot (heavy bitter red)

8. Champaign


Beer, Ales, Lagers:

1.  Genius  (Stout Beer)

2.  Samuel Adams (heavy Lager)

3.  Rolling Rock  (pale beer)

4.  Irish Red Ale (heavy ale)

5.  Black & Tan (combined heavy and pale ale)

6.  Other American Piss-Water “Beers” (Natural Ice, Coors, Miller, Mich, Bud, etc…)


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