Drogo’s Heavy Metal Favorites


(not including bands that would make the best lists of Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Hair, Glam Rock, or Southern Rock etc.)

The oldest most influential original Heavy Metal Bands of all time are:

1. Black Sabbath

2. Iron Maiden

3. Judas Priest

4. Motorhead

5.  AC/DC  (although usually found on Hard Rock radio, the fact that they never slow their heaviness ranks them among the metal gods)

The five most famous Heavy Metal bands in the 1980’s were:

1. Metallica

2. Megadeth

3. Anthrax

4. Slayer

5. KISS  (although their music was actually Hard Rock, their costume image was heavy metal in advertisements everywhere)

Power, Fantasy, Dark, Operatic, or Theatrical Heavy Metal bands:

1. Iron Maiden (Undead & Satanic sets & lyrics)

2. Black Sabbath (Satanic & Fantasy imagery)

3. Metallica (Militant Death, Monster, & Biblical, black attire)

4. Hawkwind (Acid Fantasy SciFi Trance)

5. Fates Warning  (Dark Fantasy Opera)

6. Crimson Glory (Fantasy)

7. Savatage

8. Metal Church

9. Manowar  (loudest)

10.  Anvil  (Canadian)

11.  Pantera (Heaviest Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal)

12.  Sepultura (“The Grave” Power Death Metal)

13.  White Zombie  (Undead, Goth Industrial Metal)

14.  Type-O-Negative  (Goth Metal)

15.  GWAR  (Demonic Heavy Metal Punk Opera)

16.  Samhain (Danzig)

17. Megadeth

18. Molly Hatchet (Frank Frazetta Metal album art, but Country Rock music)

(not including solo names like Alice Cooper, or Ozzy)


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