Sorcerer Summons Demons from a Well

What is that 80’s film that has a sorcerer summoning flying demons from a well? The humans were live actors, but the demons were animated. I believe the Magic Well was in a building, like a church. The Well was of course acting like a portal gateway to hell or a similar spirit realm. The demons were red or orange in color and were part of a whirlwind tempest of magic energy. The good guys were trying to find a way inside the building to foil the evil sorcerer. I think the demons had individual names and characteristics. I only have a faint memory of seeing this on PBS, so it may be BBC or part of a tv series. I assume it was made during the early 1980’s. Google, Ask, and other search engines have no idea what im talking about; so im putting this detailed question out there for someone to solve…

It was similar to, but was NOT the following films, settings, or series:

Fantasia “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

Fantasia “Night on Bald Mountain”

Conan “Sorcerer and friends defending Conan’s body against evil spirits in the night”

Black Cauldron “Evil Lich summoning an undead skeleton army by using the Black Cauldron”

Middle Earth, Narnia, or Harry Potter (although could have been the same years the BBC Narnia series was made)

Amityville Horror series (has a demonic well in the basement of the house)

LOST (has a mysterious well)

Warlock (one of the last movies to use cartoon magic for magic animation)

Warcraft (Well of Souls)

The Gate


The Church

Time Bandits (has evil demon sorcerer, well, and cauldron)


2 Responses to “Sorcerer Summons Demons from a Well”

  1. Thank you to a member of Critical Mass for finding the answer for me. The film that I saw as a child was called “The Box of Delights” and it was on PBS. Like the BBC Narnia series produced around the same time, it was based on a book (that actually predates the Narnia books). Both Narnia and Harry Potter were probably influenced by the 1935 book by John Masefield. I was a bit off in my memory: the sorcerer looked more like a priest, the well was metallic, and the demons appeared in a whirlwind only one at a time. It still is very scary how vividly i recalled that obscure scene!

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