The Church (1989 Italian Horror Film)

The Movie The Church 1989

The Church is an Italian Horror film made in 1989 by Dario Argento. It is similar enough to the Demons series to call it Demons III. It has crusader knights, witches, demons, priests, tourists, art, music, blood, gore, and a librarian.

The opening scene has “Teutonic” Crusader Knights, a cave, peasants, clergy and “witches”. The knights’ helmets are box great helms with a cross-shaped eye-slot cut-out in the center. The tone reminds one of Monty Python’s “Holy Grail”, with the crazed medieval characters caught up in crusading and inquisitions, and cave that asks for a bunny or Jabberwocky to lunge out and kill everyone. The photo above shows the Teutonic Knights from “Alexander Nevsky”, which are similar in this film but with less helm crests and horns. In “The Church” only the lead knight has two rectangular horns on his helmet (as exhibited by the knight on the right in photo).

“The Church” also features music by Philip Glass, and actor Hugh Quarshie from Highlander, Doctor Who, and Star Wars.


2 Responses to “The Church (1989 Italian Horror Film)”

  1. Dario Argento did not direct this movie. He’s sometimes takes a interest in quality italian movies and releases/presents them. The actual director to this wonderful movie is Robert G. Christie.

    • damn…now I got the director wrong:) It’s Michele Soavi! Who also did Stage Fright, Cemetery Man and many others. He helped direct some Dario Argento movies he even made a documentary movie about Dario!

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