Why I Super-Hate the Super-Bowl!!!

Why Blood Bowl will always be better than the Sucker Bowl!

Would I be into the Superbowl more if it was Science-Fiction? Sci-Fi Bowl? Maybe, but the inflated and detatched commercial aspect would still bother me. That much mass emphasis on such a narrow corporate event is boulder-dash!!!

I usually am unaware until the day comes and the question gets asked somewhere “who won?” Sometimes ive known ahead of time who is playing, and even watched some. Usually ive taken walks outside and it’s peaceful because everyone else is inside watching it. I was once passive about it, but ive decided to take a position.

I posted my “Footbabble” video as my constant position on the NFL no matter if it is time for the Superbowl or not. I honestly thought it might have already happened, if my wife hadn’t of said that it was mentioned by the priest at the Catholic Church she goes to. Then I heard the guy with the Groundhog Phil say it today during the official annual ceremony, which tipped me in overdrive for the “Bloodbowl”!

From Church to Groundhog Day, one cannot escape Commercial Sports! I have one thing to say about the Superbowl, “I don’t frackin give a shank.” Blood Bowl will always be cooler anyway.


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