PJ Harvey – Musician

A Review of PJ Harvey’s Music

PJ Harvey’s songs were heard at my colleges during the 1990’s. I remember hearing her at college, but was not a fan. Now that I am putting the name (and face) with the specific music (because of interviews), I do hear 2 styles. Her older 1990’s style seems more “Rock’n’Roll” with fast low pitched vocals (gritty blues), and the newer style does seem more “Pop” with slow high pitch vocals (more like Bjork). She said she was trying to make the latest album “Let England Shake” “nice to listen to” and “the vocals fit for each song”. So she intentionally sang these War Songs more like a little girl, way less adult than her previous style; which is a very odd mismatch, yet a pleasant experiment.

I guess the softer sound will appeal to a more gentle pop audience. I was most interested in her family’s bio as rock quarry/musicians. Her life story must be very interesting! This review is an opinion and observation, not a critique (those are reserved for snobby critics that put artists down at whim). Her new album was thought-provoking to me, and I recommend it as she humbly asserts she has tried to touch on serious topics while communally entertaining.


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