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SCOD Design Theory Themes

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SCOD Architectural Thesis Theory Themes

(1)  Ethics & Environmentalism

(2)  Philosophy  &  Psychology

(3) Aesthetics & Linguistics

(4) History & Politics

(5) Spirituality




“Nothing works as it should.”

– Harpers Ferry Mayor Addy


(4) History & Politics

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Introduction to SCOD History & Politics


The History of the World is important because it helps us to know our place within it. We design and build architecture to shelter ourselves and future generations, so we must plan accordingly. Although we cannot know the future for certain, we can learn from History and see patterns of floods, famines, droughts, plagues, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wars, and revolutions. We can use this knowledge to be wiser in our decisions about where to build, when to build, and how to build. We can only hope that some of this wisdom is used in politics, but history has shown we can be doubtful of that.

The Ancient World had two Empires that our Modern Empire is based on; The Greek and Roman Empires. Both of these Empires achieved more than any on record before, and both of course fell after a few hundred years to barbarians and political strife from within. There were many people living within those Empires that believed their Empire would never fall, but fall they did.

Modern History teaches us that Corporate Industries are like Kingdoms that fund our Empire. They lobby our Representative Politicians with money, and so they cannot be replaced by informed democracy, because in a Commercial Capitalist system, money is power. This Oligarchy promotes fear, greed, and entrenched corruption. If Big Business is the basis of our new Empire, we should not submit to them entirely, for they will fall as History has shown us. The will of the people is subjective to propaganda, to their advantage or against it. Currently the dominant Commercial Propaganda is against the good of individual rights and liberties. We should design to retain some of our independence, so that when the time comes, if it comes within our life-time, we better prepared for the collapse of the system.

SCOD Great Debate ShowTotalitarianism Vs. Humanitarianism part 1

SNU – Peace Vs. WarMilitary Spending Interview

SCOD Hypno-HistoryAncient Classical Philosophy


(3) Aesthetics & Linguistics

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Introduction to SCOD Aesthetics & Linguistics


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many humans are attracted to the same common symbols of Beauty. In architecture several famous architects have explored styles dedicated to expressing Aesthetic Beauty, which in turn is said to foster love, peace, and other positive values in the people that experience the designs.


Palladio, HH Richardson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruno Taut, the Saarinens, and the Stowells have all designed Aesthetically pleasing space. While Aesthetic tastes vary, they have been able to provide built sculptures that are pleasing to the humans that inhabit them, and the humans that view them as well. This creates a common kinship, and communicates to the humans involved that they are loved.


Some architects reject commonly held notions of Aesthetics in favor of making bold statements that are shocking but carry a message of functionality or shift in thought. Some may consider alternative architecture to be offensive, but that is because it may challenge their Aesthetic perceptions. For art to be truly offensive, it must have actual weapons that physically harm or kill. Mental assault is often very subjective.


(2) Philosophy & Psychology

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Introduction to SCOD Philosophy  &  Psychology 101

In many ways Philosophy covers psychology, politics, religions, ethics, morality, sciences, and environmentalism. Philosophy is important because it is our attempts to explain patterns of thought and action. As theories, some are proven and some are not. Philosophical theories in Architecture explain how and why we build certain ways, and suggest new ways.

Psychology can help us to modify our thoughts and behaviors to better achieve goals in life. There are various philosophies of psychology, to better suit the diversity of humanity. Even sciences like Psychiatry were developed from the writings and teachings of ancient philosophers and medieval alchemists, so it is from the beginning that our studies should start.

Psychology is a Philosophy that seeks to understand human thoughts and behaviors. If we learn from psychology, we can build architecture better suited for us. Be not afraid. There are some Important Philosophers we can study to self-educate ourselves, to help form our own SCOD communities.

Philosopher Kings & Queens
Asian: Lao Tsu, Sun Tsu, Buddha and Confucius
Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim: Moses, Jesus, Mohammad
Greek: Thales, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, &
Archimedes; Celt: Vercingetorix, Boudicca
Roman: Cicero, Julius Caesar, Marcus Aurelius (Stoics)
Medieval: King Arthur, Saint Francis, Joan of Arc
Modern: Machiavelli, Francis Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Descartes,
Hegel, Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard, Goethe, Nietzsche, Ghandi,
Marx, Jung, Phenomenology (more in References)
Science: Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein

Seven Ancient Sages
The ‘Classical’ philosophies of ancient Greeks are the first on historic record to start asking the most basic yet profound questions of Life, the Universe, and everything. Modern philosophies tend to ask more complex questions about our experiences in Existence, and many of the basic questions are redefined by scientific theories. It is wise to know past examples of thought, although we are capable of coming to many of the same conclusions without having read them, or may have already formulated some similar theories independently. The original Seven Sages of Greece were:
Thales, Pittacus, Periander, Cleobulus, Solon, Bias, Chilon; but for this thesis the 7 chosen Greeks are: Thales, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, & Epicurus.



Language, Communication, and Peace Essays

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Language, Communication, and Peace within and between Communities around the World


This is a SCOD Contest for Essays from around the World based on the title themes written above.

The winner of the Contest will be chosen by SCOD to be published in SCOD literature. If there is only one entry, that will be published. If there are many great entries, they may all be winners and published as well. So do not be timid!

What is your perspective on how Language, and other forms of Communication, function regarding Peace and Conflict Resolution within and between Communities. Art, Math, Dance, Music, Writing, and Language Communications all help us to better understand and perhaps sympathize within and between Communities. If you have already written an essay that is similar, or want to write one, please submit it to or if it is a short one paragraph comment, just post it below. Thank you for your interest, Blessed Be!

Rules and Rewards:

1. There is no closing date on essay submissions

2. The contest prize is to be published by SCOD unlimited, although we will credit you with writing it.

3. Essays should be between 1-5 paragraphs (1-2 pages)

4. Your essay contributions may help save lives in the future, by helping to change opinions on War and Conflict in general through better communication!



Here are some examples:

Peace Building Architecture

Architects for Peace

Architecture of Peace

Architecture For Peace

Peace Through Architecture




Alternative Fuel

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Alternative Fuels for Machines, Electricity, Energy and Power

(article coming soon….)

Alternative Fuel Resource Links

Coal Thorium


List of Edible Berries

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Wild Berries

List for The Great Plains & East-Coast America

(eat with caution)


Blue-berry Bush

Mul-berry Tree

Black-berry Bush

Rasp-berry Bush  (Wineberry)

Straw-berry Patch

Snake-berry Patch

Cran-berry Bog  (New England)

Mayapple-berry (American Mandrake)


Ground Cherry Plant (Chinese Lantern, Wild Tomato)

Elder-berry Bush

Wild Grape Vine

Bear-berry Shrub

Rosehip-berry plant

Sea Buckthorn plant

Thimble-berry Bush

Goose-berry Bush

Fig Bush

Hack-berry Tree




Ground Cherry (Wild Tomato in Chinese Lantern Husk)