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Memorial Day Ghosts of Veterans

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Ghosts of Veterans: Blood Stains of War

No rain can wash away the memory of all the blood spilled in the name of War.

All those who have felt the physical pains of violence, fighting, combat, battle, or war also feel the mental pains that bleed upon the guilty, innocent, pathetic, and sympathetic alike. The memory of conflict and loss in the brain box is like a blood stain on black velvet, because you cannot bleach the stain out, without turning the whole material white. You cannot remove the blood stains of War in a human mind, without a lobotomy. Likewise, you cannot remove the memory of blood stains of War on a battlefield. Long after the bodies decompose, there will remain a natural energy there that will affect all life that goes there. Sometimes nature whitewashes the past, but other times there will be an entropic scar on that land for eons. Even when nature, with her flowers and grasses, makes things soothing again; there will be some animal that will tap into the past. Some human will remember, something about the violence and death that happened there. Even from across oceans, humans will remember, so long as there are humans on this Earth. So long as humans can record history, recall history, and teach history, they will remember the blood stains. War has left countless Blood Stains, and these are the Ghosts of Veterans.


Gossip vs. News vs. Politics

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The line between Gossip, News, and Politics may be uncertain; but there are certain opinions that can be said of them. We tend to think of gossip as superficial rumors, news as depressing, and politics as lies by corrupt leaders. While those general statements may be very true, there are some other insights we can think about regarding their function in society.

Beyond Entertainment and Negativity:

1.  Gossip can be useful if the rumors are factual and contain important information.

2.  News can be useful, interesting, thought provoking, and important historic documentation.

3.  Politics can allow representatives through democratic vote in a government to bridge the power gap between citizen workers and the real rulers that control land, laws, corporations, and the military.

Without these important reasons for being useful to humans; Gossip, News, and Politics are all just commercial crap.

(Written by Drogo)


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Relative cost of a few items. Figures are adjusted for inflation or are near enough to estimates made sometime between 2005-2011. I generally insist on thorough citations, but these are readily verifiable. And really, when the numbers get this big, what’s a few billion?

A Boeing 747:  $318 Million

Boston’s Big Dig: $14 Billion

The Channel Tunnel: $17 Billion

The Manhattan Project: $23 Billion

Three Gorges Dam: $25 Billion+

Bill Gates’ net worth: $56 Billion

International Space Station: $157 Billion by completion.

The entire Apollo Program: $188 Billion

U.S. Share of cost for WWII: $288 Billion

War in Afghanistan (2001-present): $405 Billion

Vietnam War: $686 Billion

NASA’s entire budget from 1958 to 2008: $790 Billion

War in Iraq (2003-present): $790 Billion

US Education Budget 2011: $880 Billion

Total US Defense Budget 2011: ~1.2 Trillion (GDP of Australia)

US Debt (as of 2011): $15.5 Trillion (GDP of United States)

Roswell and Area 51 UFO Secrets

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Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) had been both imagined and seen by humans before the 1940’s (War of the Worlds book and radio). The Atomic Energy Commission was created in 1946 (from the Manhattan Project). In 1947 the US Military was searching for the Horten brothers, while Stalin and Truman were beginning the Cold War. The Hortens were Nazi scientists that had been working on a flying disc shaped aircraft. When the Hortens were found, they admitted that they had contact with Russia after WW2. The information about what happens next, remains classified (even now in 2011).

Roswell, New Mexico

In 1947 a UFO crashed in the farm fields of Roswell, New Mexico. 30 miles northwest of Roswell on the Foster Farm, foreman Mac Brazel found pieces of the UFO scattered on the ground. The Military may have been recovering the bulk of the UFO and bodies at the same time from the Barnett alien site, near Socorro.

After the remains were taken to the Roswell Base, they were transported to Edwards-Muroc Base, Fort Worth, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Perhaps the UFO was an alien craft. The Military first said it was a “flying disk”, then claimed it was just a weather balloon, then part of Operation Mogul (balloon rigged for spying).

Major Jesse Marcel was involved with the original debris recovery. In 1978 he expressed his belief that the military had covered up the recovery of an alien spacecraft.  In 1989 mortician Glenn Dennis claimed that alien autopsies were carried out at the Roswell Base.

Let’s say we don’t really believe the Government, and we don’t believe in aliens. If we reject both of those theories, then there are two other popular theories that seem to be more realistic and less naive. A middle path, which in many ways is less comforting than believing in aliens.

One middle theory is that it was a Russian flying disc, based on designs by Nazis working for Russia. The Hortens had developed the craft, and the pilots were products of the scientist Josef Mengele. Even our own Military had Nazi scientists working for us by that time, so that is possible.

The second middle theory is that it was our UFO. There is evidence that we were also conducting UFO experiments with technology and human genetics. If this is true, there may be good reason that old information remains “Top Secret”. What horrid secrets are we still keeping from ourselves?

The wreckage from the UFO remained at military bases for 4 years. The Atomic Energy Commission controlled Area 51 in 1951 when they had the remains of the craft (including the child-sized pilots) brought there to Nevada.

Top Secret Military Base Area 51 in the Nevada Training Range

Area 51 sits inside a large government-controlled land parcel called the Nevada Training Range. The Range is over 4,600 square miles (could fit a few Rhode Islands in there). Also within the Nevada Training Range is the Nevada Test Site. In the same year that Area 51 got its name (1951) at the Test Site, 105 nuclear weapons were exploded aboveground and another 828 were exploded underground in tunnels and shafts. The last nuclear weapons test there was in 1992. The facility contains the largest amount of weapons-grade plutonium and uranium in the United States not secured inside a nuclear laboratory.

Area 51 is in the north-eastern corner of Nevada Training Range. There was an official Military investigation into UFO sightings. It was called Project Blue Book. There were also many projects that took place at Area 51. It is suspected that in thousands of pages of declassified memos and reports, the name Area 51 is often redacted, the only remaining evidence of which is black-out marks. Based on the information that is not blacked-out in the declassified memos, we know about: U‑2 spy plane, A‑12 Oxcart spy plane, Stealth Bomber, Stealth Fighter, etc…


“To understand how black projects began, and how they continue to function today, one must start with the creation of the atomic bomb. The men who ran the Manhattan Project wrote the rules about black operations. The atomic bomb was the mother of all black projects and it is the parent from which all black operations have sprung.” – Jacobsen

This information is based on years of individual research, The Roswell Incident (1980), UFO Crash at Roswell (1991), The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell (1994), and the new book by Annie Jacobsen for which she interviewed 74 individuals that had first hand experiences with the base, 32 of which lived and worked there.

Drogo Empedocles

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A Brief Biography of Drogo Firewalker Hawthorn Empedocles

Drogo Empedocles strives to enjoy sunshine and darkness. He believes “all things in moderation” and to “know thyself” are important mantras; as he was taught by the Oracle in his youth. Self reflection, contemplation, and meditation are as important as expression, communication, and travel to Drogo. Since Primary School Drogo has practiced martial arts of all kinds, now combined into Jeet-Kun-Do. While attending Catholic High School he chose to be Celtic Pagan, and continues to pray to eclectic gods of nature. He loves to laugh, learn, and live life as cooperative play. Drogo embraces the opposite existential realities of change (Heraclitus) and immortal permanence (Parmenides), in the transcendental spiral concept of time and space.

Drogo has worked for the U.S. Government, individual clients, family, colleges, factories, businesses, farms,  and friends. As an artist he likes to create works of drawing, photography, film, computers, wood (walking sticks), function, and folly.

“Differences and similarities are spices of life, capable of making even mundane sustenance seem amazing. Similarities or interests we have in common with others is a way we can tolerate the differences and contradictions. Learn now, because some day may never come in your life time.” “I love to find realism in fiction, and fiction in reality… its a fun game that reveals where the two worlds meet.”  – Drogo Empedocles

Drogo has contributed to several books including: Harpers Ferry Magic, SCOD 2000, and Generic Illustrated Fiction Stories. His name, like Mark Twain, is a pen-name. His mundane birth name is a combination of family last names.

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PDP SCOD Intro Cartoon

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Renewable Energy Radio Shows

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NPR WYPR-FM Alternative Energy Ideas and Information 88.1

NPR Baltimore Radio host Dan Rodricks hosts a show called “Mid-Day”. This week he has dedicated every day to talking about a plethora of various (electrical) Energy options we have to Power America. He has had many different guests to debate the positive and negative effects of each existing and/or potential energy resource. Coal, Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Hydro, Geothermal, etc… Dan has been tackling them all for us.

When I asked him “After a week of hosting shows dedicated to Energy Resources, are you discouraged or encouraged about our future? Or are your feelings too mixed to say?”; Mr. Rodricks told me: “I’m excited about all the innovation and enthusiasm for renewables — it’s real this time.”

It is real. It is time. Thank you Sir Rodricks! Visit his Radio Show online: NPR Midday Website

photo taken by Drogo 2001: Solar Panel fields on the Road in California