Relative cost of a few items. Figures are adjusted for inflation or are near enough to estimates made sometime between 2005-2011. I generally insist on thorough citations, but these are readily verifiable. And really, when the numbers get this big, what’s a few billion?

A Boeing 747:  $318 Million

Boston’s Big Dig: $14 Billion

The Channel Tunnel: $17 Billion

The Manhattan Project: $23 Billion

Three Gorges Dam: $25 Billion+

Bill Gates’ net worth: $56 Billion

International Space Station: $157 Billion by completion.

The entire Apollo Program: $188 Billion

U.S. Share of cost for WWII: $288 Billion

War in Afghanistan (2001-present): $405 Billion

Vietnam War: $686 Billion

NASA’s entire budget from 1958 to 2008: $790 Billion

War in Iraq (2003-present): $790 Billion

US Education Budget 2011: $880 Billion

Total US Defense Budget 2011: ~1.2 Trillion (GDP of Australia)

US Debt (as of 2011): $15.5 Trillion (GDP of United States)


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