Gossip vs. News vs. Politics

The line between Gossip, News, and Politics may be uncertain; but there are certain opinions that can be said of them. We tend to think of gossip as superficial rumors, news as depressing, and politics as lies by corrupt leaders. While those general statements may be very true, there are some other insights we can think about regarding their function in society.

Beyond Entertainment and Negativity:

1.  Gossip can be useful if the rumors are factual and contain important information.

2.  News can be useful, interesting, thought provoking, and important historic documentation.

3.  Politics can allow representatives through democratic vote in a government to bridge the power gap between citizen workers and the real rulers that control land, laws, corporations, and the military.

Without these important reasons for being useful to humans; Gossip, News, and Politics are all just commercial crap.

(Written by Drogo)


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