Memorial Day Ghosts of Veterans

Ghosts of Veterans: Blood Stains of War

No rain can wash away the memory of all the blood spilled in the name of War.

All those who have felt the physical pains of violence, fighting, combat, battle, or war also feel the mental pains that bleed upon the guilty, innocent, pathetic, and sympathetic alike. The memory of conflict and loss in the brain box is like a blood stain on black velvet, because you cannot bleach the stain out, without turning the whole material white. You cannot remove the blood stains of War in a human mind, without a lobotomy. Likewise, you cannot remove the memory of blood stains of War on a battlefield. Long after the bodies decompose, there will remain a natural energy there that will affect all life that goes there. Sometimes nature whitewashes the past, but other times there will be an entropic scar on that land for eons. Even when nature, with her flowers and grasses, makes things soothing again; there will be some animal that will tap into the past. Some human will remember, something about the violence and death that happened there. Even from across oceans, humans will remember, so long as there are humans on this Earth. So long as humans can record history, recall history, and teach history, they will remember the blood stains. War has left countless Blood Stains, and these are the Ghosts of Veterans.


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