Call of the Savage Beast!

As I walk down the road, the Beast calls to me.

It makes noises of alarm that are harsh to the ear.

Constant threatening calls born of fear, anger, and violence.

As an animal, I have emotions, and am affected by other animals to various degrees, just as they are by me.

This day I have no desire to be affected by the Beast.

And yet it calls to me.

It does not use words as I am capable of, yet it calls.

The Beast uses a language of nature to curse me, insult me, and antagonize me.

Does it want me to engage it in some way? Anyway?

Or does the Beast just want me to go away?

I do not know, and do not want to care.

If I care it will distract me from my goal, my mission of getting from Point A to B.

The job of the Beast is to call to me.

My job is to ignore it and continue on my way, to better things.

The only sure way of resolving the damned situation is leave the area,

although I may still carry the mental anguish of a berated victim long afterwards.

Vocal goading is a form of threat and insult often called ‘battery’ by the law.

Wordless the Beast makes sounds whose meaning is unmistakable to logic.

Perhaps I could best it in a fight, but that would be a distraction as well.

There seems to be no reasoning, no answers, and no way to avoid this challenge.

I want to understand, to figure things out, to fix things, resolve problems.

Yet I must leave the Beast in its cage on the side of the road.

If it does not follow me I am safe.

I will not bring it with me.

That is suicide.


(poem about barking, snarling, and snapping dogs)


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