Play Pen of Madness

Poof! Out of darkness, came a dark play pen of madness.


4 Responses to “Play Pen of Madness”

  1. Note to TMP: We could just write replies here, or file posts under “Doctor Dippies: Short Stories” that way we will have a link to click on to show our different posts that have individual titles.

    • talkingmeatpile Says:

      The latter makes good sense to me. I’m-a go mess around with the nuts and bolts of postinage here.

      • talkingmeatpile Says:

        Hey, what’s our genereal MPAA rating here? On a scale ranging from Snow White to Faces of Death, I usually default to 1.5 Tarantinos on the violence/pottymouth axes.

  2. Faces of Death is acceptable on here, so perhaps R-Rating

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