Bat Country 2

I didn’t know it at the time, but it was me pounding on the door.

Enemy Mine had begun doing pounder-flasks and was meat-fisting in a fish bowl. At least I think it was a fish bowl. It could have been a spider tank, because Spider Cramps was doing a mean tango in my walla-walla.

I answered the door and looked down the hall. There was no one there, except me. I went back inside and closed the door. Safe, for now, but not safe because of my Geas. Shit. Fuck shit piss god-damn muther-frucker son-of-a-bitch pisser. Blotter.

If I spend a full day with a girl my fucking heart will explode! Is that a curse or what? Damn, I think I did something wrong, somewhere in time, back there. I think. I am with my ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and on some kind of bender I may not come back from, if I ever started. Fuck there is puke everywhere!

Elvish booze.

More Elvish booze down the gullet. Ah. Now I am waking up, although my gut is not. This may be a case where my whole insides ache all day, and feel like they are never going to be better. Again. I am proud of my big lug-soled vibram-cleated shitkicking motorcycle boots, so I wipe the puke off of the toes.

Dana-knows-what ‘shabby dorm’ I am in. Kappa-cappa-cum-latte?! Shit, I am not sure. I don’t remember coming here. I know I wanted to spend time with Enemy Mine, in theory, because we are comrades. No not in theory, for realz. We are comrades for reals and no hoe gets in the way of bros. In theory, in living theory.

Bronze teeth, are really feeling it today. Damn. People ask me why I am so angry all the time. It’s days like this that I just want to fucking kill them. Unless they have some better idea, then I’m willing to negotiate. I am not always merciless, it’s the do unto others thing inside me.

I was half way through a glass of Elvish booze on the rocks (literally on rocks) in a pewter tankard, when I realized the lights were different. Or was it me? Not that it mattered much, but seriously I wanted to know. Who the fuck put that there and why was I not able to come back the … ok I can’t think straight. I know there is a demon in here, and it could just be me.

So as I was saying, before the lights turned red, I was half way through a glass of Elvish booze…


2 Responses to “Bat Country 2”

  1. talkingmeatpile Says:

    Continued in Bat Country 3: Revenge of the Bride of the Son of the Return of Bat Country 2.

  2. Some say cuss words are for adults, some say they are juvenile, others say no one should say them because they are too ‘evil’. I say all words are like barks from a dog. Who cares whether a dog says “bow-wow” or “ruff” either could be a “bad word” depending on context, intent, and interpretation. It matters more how often it barks, how loud, and if it is mixed with snarls and teeth.

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