Bat Country 4

And so we left. Demons have a way of pissing me off.

Part of me was still in the dormitory, my body seemed to float down the hall, past the foyer, and outside into the night. Later I recalled having done such things, but at the moment I was living life in reverse. It was like one big transcendental chess game, and I was playing it while red-shifting in reverse.


Pieces of broken red glass seemed to pick themselves off the ground, and complete themselves into a window. Did I ever tell you ogres hate windows? I hate glass, because it is so breakable and pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I love breakable things, and pointless things, just not as weak and fragile as glass. It makes me want to break it.


Time was really fucking with me. All movement was not only in reverse, but had trailers that would not stop. Space around me became filled with the ethereal after-mess of motion, and I’m not just talking vomit here. Fairy trails.

Suddenly I was transported for a few moments in time and place 5 years ago. That never happens to you? Well frack the frick-up, its my story. Anyway I began reliving the events after I had eaten my neighbors’ dog, Piss-bog. They were yelling at me, and I was yelling at them. They said “That was the nicest dog that ever lived!”

I said “Your dog tried to bite me, repeatedly acted like it was on rabies, and was about to jump on me. I tried to ignore it, but it would not stop being a little bitch. I thought it was going to fucking rip my throat out, the way it was barking. It seemed to me it was saying ‘I want to fucking kill you!’ over and over in dog bark.”

So the neighbors said “It didn’t even touch you! How dare you use bad words around my family?! You nasty Ogre, you have a negative aura and dogs can sense that sort of thing.” Now true dogs can sense auras, but so can I, and I swear to you that dog had a worse aura than I did, well before it antagonized me every day, every inch of my walk past that house. I could not believe that Mormons were able to be so un-sympathetic to me, a neighbor that had welcomed Mormons into my house time-after-time when they were strangers imposing their beliefs, and did not eat them.

I was going to get them a new dog, but after they acted like that to me, after I had been threatened by their dog, I just threw up on their lawn. There, you can have your dog back. True the dog could not have seriously wounded me, but it should not have acted like it could. In poker that is called a bluff, and in life that is called stupid, annoying, and worthy of violence.


Then I was back in the present. Who was it that we had left in the dorm-room? Did I have some obligation to that girl, if it was a girl? Well my heart had not exploded yet, and I felt the freedom of the night.


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