Lambsquarters Forever!

Wild Weed Spinach Bushes

Green Leaf: a legal weed you can eat!

Lambsquarters are one of the best weeds, and one of the best vegetables.

I will use ‘LQ’ for Lambsquarters for the rest of this article.

Here are some reasons that LQ should be cultivated by more people

  • 1. they dont need to be planted, because they self seed
  • 2. they dont need to be watered, because they are drought resistant
  • 3. they taste like spinach

LQ growing in the yard.

I harvest it two different ways:

1. Clipped stalk with blades, to let the stalk regrow branches in weeks to come, or

2. Weeding it by totally pulling up the roots by pulling the stalk.

LQ can grow over three feet tall before coming to seed, and dying before winter as good annuals do.

The top of the leaf is usually green, although in drought or fall leaves turn red or yellow before dying.

The underside of the leaf is silver with grey powder (magic).

Pull the leaves off, and place them into a container.

Discard or Compost unwanted leaves, stalk, bugs, etc…

LQ lasts longer than lettuce or spinach in the fridge without going soggy.

Use them all the same ways as spinach: salad, stir-fry, olive oil and vinegar with pasta, etc

LQ is really one of the best veggies that is so under-appreciated.

LQ plants grow in the Wild and as a yard Weed, so they are FREE.

The more you let them grow in your yard, the more they will grow all summer, every year.

Deer eat them, but i have so many plants of LQ i dont mind.

Did I mention LQ does not cost anything to grow?


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