Warlock Trail

Harpers Ferry Appalachian Trail on the hillside

From Upper Town down to Shenandoah Street White Line

Down behind Mather Training Center (NPS), the steep trail head disappears down into the wooded hillside overlooking the Shenandoah River. This is where most of the film “Predator Vs. Harpers Ferry” was shot by locals around 1990. It was also the site where John Brown’s Fort was moved temporarily after the Civil War (Storer College). Like a billy-goat I clamber down the steps and along the path of light brown, tan dirt and pale-shale rocks. Occasional limestone boulders, like the Hermit Cave and other out-croppings, make their usual appearance, overlooking the trail.

* 1994 Winter Photo of the Death Dryad Tree by the Gray Beech Citadel, down from the Fairy Circle

Everything seems to be relatively the same with the Warlock Trail woods, as it was over 20 years ago. When I was a teenager I spent most afternoons for years in those woods. Since then I have secretly kept watch, and helped to maintain the trail as a volunteer steward. Those woods may mean more to me, than anyone else (as far as I know).

Poison Ivy always grows near the bottom of the hill, on the rocky steps; so I did some weeding.




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