SCOD Update 2011

SCOD  Update  2011


SCOD Websites                                    on                 Hits:  unknown

SCOD Public Blog on WordPress         on                 Hits:  Hundreds Daily *

SCODgreenhood on Youtube              on                    Hits:  Thousands **

SCOD on Facebook                            on                    new


SCOD Publication Sales

SCOD 2000 (paperback)                   7  printed           no net profit

SCOD 2000 AT  (book / ebook)         1 sold               no net profit

SCOD 2010 (Kindle Text Only)           2 sold               no net profit


Media Aspects


Illustrations / Photos

Animated / Film Video Series

Future ideas – radio, tv, blog interviews, shows, merchandise, etc…


* SCOD Blog on WordPress Highest Stats

2,982 views on busiest day, January 16, 2011

22,464 views for the month of January 2011


** SCOD Green House / Green Hood Youtube Channel Stats



Channel Views:


Total Upload Views:


Most Viewed Video:  Robin of Sherwood Intro


Most Viewed SCOD Created Videos:

Native American Portraits 44,986 views

SEX SEX SEX Commercials Sell!!! Buy Now!!! 42,318 views

SCOD Fallout: Act 1.2.43 “Visigoths / Saxons / Vikings” 24,594 views

SCOD FALLOUT: Act 1.1.1 “Earth Creation Beginning” Title 22,990 views

SCOD WATER Hydro Power 16,115 views

HOT Self-On-Self Action!! SEX !!! Blow Shit Up Now! 14,165 views

SCOD Organic Gardens: SPRING SOIL TILLING 13,431 views

SCOD Tribute: Native American People 13,248 views

World War III: Atomic Armageddon Nuclear Apocalypse 12,413 views


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