History of Art, War, & Civilization

“The Effects of Art and War on the History of Civilization”


Class Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays:  5pm -7pm

Class Room:   TBA  (Gmail, Skype, Facebook)

Professor Walton D. Stowell II, M.A.

Office:  Facebook

Office Hours:  Tues & Thurs 12 noon – 1 pm

Although it is commonly said ‘History is written by the victors,’ that is not the final conclusion of this class.  We will explore how architecture, archeology, art, and war affect the way that we perceive cultures in the past and present.  Art and the liberal arts in general are used to express a zeitgeist which may or may not be in concert with the winners of a military conquest.  This course asks the question “How do these factors contribute to the History of Human Civilization; and should they be supported or funded, and if so then in what ways?”  This course is for students interested in architecture, historic preservation, anthropology, environmental science, art, military history, and the ethics of financing.

Required Texts:   The Art of War, War & Peace, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and related texts to be chosen from a list during the course


Course Requirements:

Grades for this course will be determined in fourths by class attendance, participation, assignments, and tests.  There will be a minimum of 3 projects and 3 tests (including the Final Exam).  The Final Exam will be given at the scheduled time during finals week.

The grading scale for the course will be as follows:

Completed = Pass

Accepted Pending Revisions = (APR) Needs some more work

Incomplete = Does Not Pass inspection, too much missing data or errors

Attendance Policy:

All of the vital information for the tests and the final exam will be gone over in class postings, in-class discussions, and question-and-answer.  Therefore regular attendance and note taking is required for mastering the material.  Legitimate excuses received will be honored for some absences, however unexcused absences will result in grade reduction accordingly (ratio to percent).  The more absences, the greater the grade reduction.


Tests and Projects:

Test topics will be taken from lectures on the readings, and question-and-answer class discussions.

The majority of test questions and short essays will be based on the readings as discussed in class.

Projects will include:  art and written essay reports.

Project research and investigation will count towards the overall participation grade.

Final Exam:

A series of long essay questions based on the readings, class discussions, and projects.

Professor Stowell, M.A.

History of Art, War, and Civilization 

Tentative Class Schedule Segments:

1          Introduction to Civilization and socio-economic conditioning / Project 1

2          Ancient History

3          Medieval History / Project 2

4          The Enlightenment / Test 1

5          The Industrial Age /  Project 3

6          Modern Art and Warfare /  Effects of the Technology of Tomorrow

7          All Projects due, collected, displayed and reviewed in class /  Test 2 

8          TEST 3  Final Exam

In many ways this is a new subject, and students will be participating in groundbreaking research that is cutting-edge and widely debatable due to its controversial nature.


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