6 On The Axe !!!


1. What are the origins of ” 6 on the Axe?” (and what does the name mean?):

lets see, Matt and Paul have been playing together and writing songs for years together. Since they were like 13 or so, I (aaron, drummer) had never really played per say, except to mess with Rock Band and such, but for some reason, Paul had a full kit in his basement, one night we all went out together and a few beers later, I had Paul talked into lettin me come mess with his kit, we invited our good friend Jake over who happened to play bass, we had a full band there, and we actually werent half bad, so Matt and Paul broke out a few songs they had in their back pockets and had me put drums to em and jake lay down bass. After that we ended up writing around 10 originals together and learned 8 or 9 covers and decided to try our hand at live shows, and it just kinda took off from there. Recently, Jake decided to leave to dedicate himself to his brand new marriage and baby girl and we added Justino Diaz on the bass, who Matt and paul knew from jazz and marching band in school, he was a perfect fit, picked up right where jake left off. it was all amicable and we remain great friends with Jake. The name comes from a beer feuled practice one evening, Paul has a large battle axe in his basement, he was dancing around like a midevil warrior then proceeded to put it on my drum kit, the next song comes in with a “6” count, so he turned around and said “Hey Aaron, give me 6 on the axe!!”, Much better than Pauls original attempts at naming us like The Cornhole Surprise or Big A and the Astrogliders..


2. What style / genre is ” 6 on the Axe”?

toughie there, we have been compared to Chevell, The Sword bands with more of a hard musical edge as far as instrumentation goes but the vocals are 95% clean singing with some accent screams in there, so, I guess hard rock very close to the “metal” area but not quite..


3. What keeps you playing?

we dont do it to get famous or rich, we all have families, financial obligations and such that dont allow us to take off and do what it takes to become big, so as cliche as it sounds, the comraderie, and making original music we love is really an honest answer. We love the live aspect also, we try and give a good show whether its 3 or 300 in front of us, i can say though, we feed off it, if the crowd is into it, the show tends to be better.


4.  Give some advice for anyone wanting to do be in a band like yours:

just have fun with it, be creative, dont fall into the trap of playing what people wanna hear if its not fun, you will fail quickly, there is some AMAZING LOCAL talent out here that never gets heard because people dont come out to original shows in droves, how do you think big bands got big? they were mostly in areas where people cared about original music, we need to jump start this scene around here and get folks out, you dont know what ur missing when it comes to local shows..


5. Does the band have any plans for the future?

we are gonna keep playin shows, and loggin money on the books to pay for the rest of our originals to go on CD, the first 5 songs are done and recorded, on CD, professionally  with Todd Stotler @ Echoes Recording Studios, Just hit us up on Facebook to request a copy and we will get it to you..

Thank you 6-on-the-Axe, Blessed Be.


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