Killer Shrooms!!!

Poisonous Wild White Mushrooms

Death Cap  =  Amanita phalloides  

Destroying Angel = Amanita bisporigera (ocreata) 


Both white mushrooms contain Amatoxin Fatal Poison and are basidiomycete fungi.  These beautiful (but toxic) white mushrooms resemble several edible species (caesar’s and straw) commonly consumed by humans, thus increasing the risk of accidental poisoning. They damage the kidneys and liver, often fatally.

I am posting this article because of the ironic reality that although the common white-brown mushrooms at grocery stores are safe, the wild white mushrooms can be the most deadly.


Death Cap:  The color of the cap can be white, brownish-, yellowish-, or olive-green, often paler toward the margins and often paler after rain.


Destroying Angel:  The cap can be pure white, or white at the edge and yellowish, pinkish, or tan at the center.


Warning:  Toxicity is not reduced by cooking, freezing, or drying.





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