SCOD “Dark Anthem”

Many, many years ago on the Eastern shore;
Faeries did gather secretly,

beyond the guard-inn door.

This place they’ve chosen right,
To build their Medieval site;

And make the Music sigh again,

Deep into the night!

Congregation rises, darkness ’round the bend;
Evil, lust and hatred,

Roots we can amend!

The priestess stands before us,

Tells us when and where to go;
Worship to the ancient gods,

Each and every day!

By the hand of Oberon, darkness in the deep
Know the good and evil things we do,

The secrets that we keep.

will be the sacrifice,
SCOD, you know the time is right!
will find you, can’t run very far
Evil that’s inside you,
We know just who you are!

No use in speaking out against the things we do;
While the pawns of dirth they sleep, haven’t any clue.
Now the story starts again, no matter what the cost,
SCOD begins anew, saving souls that once were lost!



* (Based on “Metal Church” by Metal


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