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Robin of Sherwood Poster

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Robin Hood’s Merry Men Character Description Poster

I have not seen any internet scans of the original poster that i photocopied years ago. My copy was too dark so i am just going to show the same image (good color version from the internet) and post the text details about the characters from the poster. I had to edit the details because the bottom of the page was cut off.

Character Description from Left to Right

Will Scarlet 

William Scathlock was a man who’s wife was raped and murdered by mercenary soldiers. He became a brutal killer with psychopathic tendencies. Now he continues to seek revenge by fighting Normans. Captured for his crimes he was thrown in prison where he met the outlaw Robin Hood. (actor Ray Winstone)


Little John

This Derbyshire giant was once a shepherd. Then became a servant of the Baron de Belleme. He was sent to kill Robin Hood. After the fierce battle of the log bridge, Robin freed him from his bondage to the Baron, and persuaded him to join his band of outlaws. Little John breaks all the Norman laws he can. (actor Clive Mantle)


Maid Marion

Lady Marion of Leaford’s father went to the Crusades, and left her in the care of Abbot Hugo. A marriage was arranged for her with the Baron de Belleme, but she refused, and went to live with Robin in Sherwood. (actress Judi Trott)


Much the Miller’s Son

The son of Matthew the Miller was the timid yet devoted adopted brother of Robin Hood. All the outlaws are protective of him, and try to keep him from danger. (actor Peter Llewellyn)


Robin Hood 1

Robin of Loxley’s father, Ailric, led a rebellion against Normans which cost him life and land. The orphan boy, Robin, was brought up by Matthew the Miller as his own son. Robin Hood serves Herne the Hunter as leader of the outlaw gang in Sherwood Forest. His sword is named Albion (one of the 7 Swords of Wayland). (actor Michael Praed)


Friar Tuck

Formerly the Chaplain to the Sheriff of Nottingham, Tuck held a position of trust. But when Marion defected, he sided with her and the outlaws. His jovial spirit (and wine)helps keep the band of merry men together. (actor Phil Rose)


Nasir the Saracen

Nasir is a member of a secret sect of trained assassins. He was captured by the Baron de Belleme in the Holy Land. He was brought back to England as the Baron’s slave and bodyguard. The Baron’s spells over Nasir were broken when he was killed by Robin, so the Saracen followed the outlaw to Sherwood, and was accepted among them. (actor Mark Ryan)









Personality Type Test

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator   (Short Form from 1980s)


Instructions: Read carefully and select
the answer which BEST FITS how you USUALLY feel or act.

Also answer according to your natural
tendency, not your adaptational ability.


  1. When dealing with other people,
    which are you more careful or considerate about?

a. feelings

b. rights


  1. Meeting strangers feels ….

a. stressful or difficult

b. pleasant or easy


  1. Schedules are ….

a. appealing

b. too limiting


  1. Which is more important to you?

a. imagination

b. reality


  1. In social settings how do you

a. passively

b. engagingly


  1. Which is harder for you?

a. routine

b. change


  1. Which of these best fits you?

a. compassionate

b. reasonable


  1. Compared to the average person,
    which are you?

    a. enthusiastic

    b. calm


  2. Which social behavior fits you

a. blend in

b. stand out


  1. Which are you best at?

a. following a plan

b. improvising


  1. Which kind of work or study do you
    like better?

    a. Practice

    b. Theory



  1. Which quality do you prefer in
    other people?

a. future vision

b. common sense


  1. Which characteristic is most like

a. Heart rules your head (emotion over

b. Head rules your heart (logic over


  1. When something comes up during the
    week, how do you handle it?

    a. often forget about it until much

    b. record it or memorize it


  1. When talking to other people you …

a. talk easily to most people for
however long

b. are very selective about who talk
to and when


  1. Which is worse in your opinion?

a. being too empathetic

b. not being sympathetic at all


  1. Which do you prefer?

a. fiction

b. fact


  1. Which do you prefer?

    a. planning in advance is nice, and it
    is good to follow the plan

    b. planning is ok, but not set in


  1. How easily can new people you meet
    tell what you are interested in?

a. instantly to soon

b. only after a long time, or if they
ask you


  1. In daily work you …

    a. enjoy pushing deadlines and like a
    fast pace

    b. prefer to pace yourself to get done
    on time


  1. In a large group do you ….

    a. introduce yourself and others

    b. wait to be introduced or asked
    about others










WORD PAIRS – Which answer most appeals
to you?


  1. a. punctual b. leisure
  2. a. justice b. mercy
  3. a. production b. design
  4. NONE
  5. a. gentle b. firm
  6. a. uncritical b. critical
  7. a. calm b. lively
  8. a. theory  b. experience
  9. a. literal b. figurative
  10. a. imaginative b.




E   /   I    (Extrovert vs

2b  /  2a

5b  /  5a

8a  /  8b

15a /  15b

19a /  19b

21a /  21b

29b /  29 a


S    /   N     (Sensing vs

4b  /  4a

9a  /  9b

11a /  11b

12b / 12a

17a / 17b

25a / 25b

31a / 31b

32b / 32a

30a / 30b


T   /   F    (Thinking vs Feeling)

1b  /  1a

7b  /  7a

13b / 13a

16a / 16b

24a / 24b

27b / 27a

28b / 28a


P   /   J    (Perceiving vs Judging)

3b  /  3a

6a  /  6b

10b / 10a

14a / 14b

18b / 18a

20a / 20b

23b / 23a


ADD up scores, largest scores dominate
out of 16 possible combinations







Drogo’s SCOD Quest 2012

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There is always more work to be done. One can be finished working when one is dead, but the work itself may live on long after.” 

~ Drogo Empedocles

The SCOD Pipedream Pub as an idea started decades ago.

For years we planned in secret, because we knew that the Pipedream was not for most people. We refined the concept into the Master Plan known as The Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development (SCOD).

If our over-lords had not been over-thrown by their own wars, we probably would have never been able to get our land to build on. Before Armageddon land was very expensive, and we came from less-than-royal families of common trades, that would never have been able to save enough money, or get the sponsors necessary to loan such exorbitant amounts of money. We were prisoners in a Capitalist consumer debt society, with no real democratic way to change the system.

However the system was broken, and so things changed. Everything finally went to Hell. Land titles meant very little because public records were often destroyed and there were few legal enforcers since they stopped receiving paychecks, and all their money was increasingly worthless anyway. Sure some cops and firefighters stayed on as fraternal clubs, like biker gangs, but it was not the same.

So we talked to some local survivors that wanted to see the return of more stable communities to the area. We tipped the appropriate people for a few acres of land that was not contested by anyone recently. We felt confident about homesteading that land in particular, and that was important. No one ever challenged our right of eminent domain, at least no one with a previous claim.

Also before the Apocalypse it would have been harder to start an alternative community within an uncompromising empire, such as the one we had. It was not that we were lazy before, because we had probed the corporate climate for years without any ally. So the time was right, but we still had to face a serious dilemma.

After the Apocalypse things were much harder, and life changed for everyone. It was easier to leave where you had been, but harder to pick up with fewer motorized transportation options. It was also easier to make shelter from existing ruins and reused materials, than try to build entirely new structures. So this was the main decision for SCOD members. Do we compromise the main Circle Field with buildings on the perimeter, for land that is closer with many structures already there? Of course
there were many other problems, and questions within questions, but this stood out in my mind.

Often people had nothing of value anymore, so there was nothing holding them back besides loyalties,  nostalgic depression, or worse psychopathic issues that had manifest since the Breakdown. You had to really ask yourself the question; where are you and what are you there for?

Most SCOD members pre-Apocalypse had lived hundreds of miles apart. This meant many days travel once the highways and many roads became unusable for vehicular traffic. Luckily as SCOD members we were more prepared than others to be survivors, and we had contingency plans that we had been putting into place. Not all our plans would be successful, but that is why we had more than one plan ready to go. If you only have one plan, it is harder to reset and try something new.


* to be continued *