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Jealousy is a natural emotion based on fear and anger, when others have something we want, or are doing something we want to be doing, or wish we did. It is useful to acknowledge this emotion so that we can better understand our desires. By understanding our desires we can better regulate our happiness / sorrow.

When we feel jealous (or start to feel envious) we should analyze why we feel jealous. State for ourselves what it is we are jealous about (honestly). Then explore options for what to do about it. List what we have already in our life, to compare experiences and possessions with desires.

Beliefs we have can cause jealousy. For example “Everyone is out to take advantage or me.” “They are trying to control me.” “I need them to not feel alone.” Some our assumptions may be very false, but can be changed. Pick beliefs that are nurturing and supportive, but have boundaries. Don’t listen to beliefs whose only purpose is to make you feel jealous.

Improve your self-esteem, will-power, and goals in life by working on them regularly with lists, charts, brain-storming, meditation, games, and practices. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Make lists, keep a journal, and maintain a calendar. Some people recommend “faking it until you make it”, but i say just be honest about your feelings… at least with yourself… and with others if you can. Honesty will help deal with the issues behind jealousy, and a rational mind can resolve many issues.






Psychology and Mental Illness Disorders

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“Of the major Psychological schools of practice: dynamic, humanistic, behavioral, and family systems; I tend to be of the Humanist camp in my mercenary social work. The humanist approach is the most natural approach for friends to use in my opinion, from what i understand of it. But for professionals i agree with the conventional use of behavioral-cognitive etc work better, because there is a distinct separation of social relationship…”  – Drogo Empedocles

Psychologist – a psycho-therapist that treats clients with philosophical dialogue.

Psychiatrist – a psychologist with a medical license, tends to see client as a patient with an illness that needs to be prescribed medicine.



Dynamic (psychodynamic) – developed from Freudian psycho-analysis to make the unconscious conscious / to awaken awareness of primal drives (sex and aggression), childhood, and various defenses and coping mechanisms.

Humanistic (Philosophical) – developed from Existential and Phenomenological philosophies to supply congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathetic understanding from one person to another. Humanistic seeks to glimpse the whole person, not just the fragmented personality parts, then help individual potential via therapeutic relationships.

Behavioral (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) – based on the relation of how we think (cognition), how we feel (emotion), and how we act (behavior) and environmental interaction.

Family Systems – based on family structures, and the importance of roles and relationships


Many different facets of human thought, behavior and personality can become disordered.

Disorders are called so in relation to perceived social abnormalities and dysfunctions.


Mental Illness Disorders

Anxiety – phobias, general anxiety, social anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic stress

Mood – depression, bipolar, attention-deficit, hyperactivity, mania

Personality – schizoid, borderline schizo, anti-social, impulsive, histrionic (dramatic), addictive, dependent / codependent, eccentric, haltlose (aimless, irresponsible), immature, narcissist, aggressive, passive-aggressive, neurotic, pathological, sadistic, masochistic, anxious (avoidant)

Schizophrenic – paranoia, auditory and visual hallucinations, delusions, psychotic, psychopathic, dissociative identity / multiple-personalities, impaired speech, severe anti-social, sustained confusion, destructive decisions, warped will-power,

Addictions –  over-dependence on sex, drugs (including alcohol), eating, behaviors, people, etc…

Mixedborderline schizophrenia, schizophrenia, bipolar, make your own! …


Psychology 101

Colds, Fevers, and Flues

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Winter Sicknesses

Colds are generally caused by infections that affect the sinuses, nose, throat, head, etc.. and usually last a week. There is no cure for the common cold but the symptoms can be treated. Aspirin is good for achy joints and headaches.

Fevers are when body temperature goes above the normal range of 98–100 °F. Ironically fevers include cold chills, but the purpose of the body raising its temperature is to better fight off the infection, so as long as the fever remains low it should often be allowed to run its course in order to heal the body. Advil (Ibuprofin) helps reduce fevers. Putting cold coins on the face draws the heat into the coins, so replacing them frequently helps draw down a fever.

Flues are viruses that give symptoms of a severe cold, and can include digestive problems also.

Cough & Sore Throat remedies – cough drops, Dayquil, Nyquil, hot tea with honey, hot-n-sour chinese soup, One drop of Thieves Oil in milk, gargle with warm salt water, …

For blocked sinues and nose use Nedipots to run hot salt water through the nasal passages which melts the mucus and allows it to flow from the nose and mouth. So do it over a sink or bowl, and test the water first with your finger, then taste it…if it does not burn you, use it; but it works better when warm (hot to touch, warm in mouth). Also cough drops, Dayquil, Nyquil, hot tea with honey, hot-n-sour chinese soup, gargle with warm salt water, garlic, hot peppers, mentholatum (Vicks Vapor Rub), Firewater Liquor …

Hollyhock Haven: Home for Victims of Abuse

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Mission statement: To provide shelter, utilities, and support for abused, addicted, and abandoned adults and children.

Matron Marta – “Basically we take in everyone that falls through the cracks, and no one else can handle them or their problems.”

Staff:  Matron Marta, Flee, Drogo, Gail, Lauren, Janet, and Red

Nicknames, aliases, or just first names are often used to protect the identities of the victims and staff members.

One dark and stormy night, a single mother with 3 kids showed up at the main gate to Hollyhock Haven. Rain pouring down on her and her unprotected children. Her 10 year old boy stands by her hand where she holds a cigarette and a beer, 5 year old girl in the other hand, and a 3 year old clings to her back.

A spot light shines down on her punked-out mess of pink hair, and she begins yelling about how bad her life is, the kids are crying, and that her boyfriend is getting out of jail, and coming for her….

Flee steps out from the shadows, but remains as a large shadowed mass. As she is yelling, Flee reaches down and pinches the cigarette she holds in her mouth, and she does silent, then Flee yanks the beer from her. She yells “Hey!!!” Then the gate opens, and Flee returns to the shadows. Mother slowly walks in…


Aerial tour of entire facilities, and gardens….

A stalker tries to sneak up on HH but is knocked out, and dragged away by Flee.

Cuts to inside home packed with women, where numerous arguments are going on, with kids running around like maniacs…. Then Matron Marta’s voice comes over the intercom, and drowns out everyone else… brawling stops (aided by Flee).

MM – “Sounds like everyone needs a time-out out in the main hall!!!” (silence) “Ok, we have a new guest, so please say hi to Angela everyone. Please help her to feel at home. Breakfast will be at 8:30am as usual.”


Women discuss their feelings about men that abuse them.

“I will kill him if he does that again!”

“I need time to think.”

“I still love him.”


to be continued….

Veterans Love Song

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Im tired of running, tired of trying

tired of fighting, tired of dying

if you feel the way I do

then you will see this one through


If the meaning of life is to attack

then ive seen this one before

and I will watch my back


but if the meaning is Love

then ill be happy

and I’ll put you above


To put our friendship first

means we work on us

even when feelings are worst


Anything less,

we fail the test.



10 Steps to Defeating Addiction

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(based on the AA 12 Steps without all the God stuff)


1. Admit we were powerless over addiction—that our lives were chaotic and destructive.

2. We are ready to accept help and to help ourselves heal.

3. We begin to develop control techniques over our addiction.

4. We make a moral inventory of ourselves and list improvements to work on.

5. Admit to ourselves, and to others our own faults, and goals.

6. Address all our defects of character on a daily basis.

7. Humbly admit our addictions.

8. Make a list of all persons we have harmed, and be willing to make amends.

9. Use prayer or meditation to improve our consciousness, willpower, and dedication.

10. With these practices we gain more and more control over Addiction gradually.