Hollyhock Haven: Home for Victims of Abuse

Mission statement: To provide shelter, utilities, and support for abused, addicted, and abandoned adults and children.

Matron Marta – “Basically we take in everyone that falls through the cracks, and no one else can handle them or their problems.”

Staff:  Matron Marta, Flee, Drogo, Gail, Lauren, Janet, and Red

Nicknames, aliases, or just first names are often used to protect the identities of the victims and staff members.

One dark and stormy night, a single mother with 3 kids showed up at the main gate to Hollyhock Haven. Rain pouring down on her and her unprotected children. Her 10 year old boy stands by her hand where she holds a cigarette and a beer, 5 year old girl in the other hand, and a 3 year old clings to her back.

A spot light shines down on her punked-out mess of pink hair, and she begins yelling about how bad her life is, the kids are crying, and that her boyfriend is getting out of jail, and coming for her….

Flee steps out from the shadows, but remains as a large shadowed mass. As she is yelling, Flee reaches down and pinches the cigarette she holds in her mouth, and she does silent, then Flee yanks the beer from her. She yells “Hey!!!” Then the gate opens, and Flee returns to the shadows. Mother slowly walks in…


Aerial tour of entire facilities, and gardens….

A stalker tries to sneak up on HH but is knocked out, and dragged away by Flee.

Cuts to inside home packed with women, where numerous arguments are going on, with kids running around like maniacs…. Then Matron Marta’s voice comes over the intercom, and drowns out everyone else… brawling stops (aided by Flee).

MM – “Sounds like everyone needs a time-out out in the main hall!!!” (silence) “Ok, we have a new guest, so please say hi to Angela everyone. Please help her to feel at home. Breakfast will be at 8:30am as usual.”


Women discuss their feelings about men that abuse them.

“I will kill him if he does that again!”

“I need time to think.”

“I still love him.”


to be continued….


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