SCOD Religion

SCOD Agnostic & Atheist Church, Ministry, Religion


SCOD believes that it is possible that civilization will regress into dark ages, as it has before. It also believes that regardless of the future, we should usually prepare ourselves for the worst, while hoping for the best. We are all individuals, but can sometimes come together on occasion to achieve more than we would otherwise. Biodiversity is natural and good, and unique qualities are important even within groups that desire to cooperate towards a better life. Communal life is not for everyone, but is encouraged for those of us that desire it to various degrees.

If you believe as we do, than you may consider yourself one with SCOD.

SCOD believes we are each our own ministers of our own personal beliefs. Therefore feel free to use religious titles in the name of SCOD. Every living-being is born with the right to free-will, which includes recognizing what is ‘divine’. You may request a letter of good standing, or a certification from us if you wish to have a piece of paper to show others.

  1.  Sentient life-forms have ‘spirit energy’.

  2.  Inanimate objects have energy.

  3.  Matter is condensed energy.


Lore, Legends, & Mythology – Belief In Fictional Stories and Characters

If you want to know how atheism and religion work together, ask any serious fan of fictional works. If they are honest they will admit what they love is ‘not real’, but also that it feels real to them and they live it inside. Imagination really does exist in our minds and is very powerful, and does not make us all delusional. Our minds are the limits of our knowledge, and contain both real and unreal ideas and feelings. Fiction fans can worship as much as religious zealots who claim what they believe is entirely real non-fiction. The Platonic truths revealed to us through fictional art, writing and acting (whether called spiritual or not) come to us from what Plato called ‘the Real World of Ideas’. Numbers are a classic example of real things that exist beyond material manifestations.

I agnosticly question all beliefs, not just religious ones; but also personal, cultural and scientific beliefs, to various degrees. I question things i consider to be true facts, less than paranormal mysteries. i have a crowded table of consciousness; and my sub-conscious under the table is a nest of sketches. I do not pick a side regarding love or hate of religion, because I love science and religion, and most of all creativity and philosophy. I question religion much more than science, but i challenge all authority, even my own. i try to explain my philosophical belief in spirituality in relation to other beliefs; and the gnostic vs agnostic modes i go through of knowing vs not knowing (questioning). most of my spiritual experiences are feelings, so when i write poetry or tell a story i translate as best i can. my hermetic Pagan expressions are shown in my art work. all my eclectic religious influences of gnostic mysteries. For me gnostic philosophy (loving wisdom and knowledge) is sublime integration of cultures as deep underlying spirit truth; and thus the ‘knowing’ is about life, death, and everything that we are and beyond. Blessed be.  – Drogo


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