Dreadlock Hair Care

People should wear clothing and hair styles that express themselves. Clothing should have your name on it, not a commercial brand tag. The more hair you have, the more it can be shaped and decorated to fit individual personalities.

I use oils and waxes in my hair. I find bees wax is the best to lock the dreads, however REAL beeswax needs to be melted; so i use a candle, hold the wax cake close, let it drip onto a metal surface, apply melted wax before it cools while it is still malleable. Murrays pomade is part petroleum / part bees wax (even though it says 100% bees wax, it means the bees wax is real that they make it with, if you read the ingredients). In the photo below you can see the real beeswax cake on top of the tin lid, which i drip the wax onto, and then use my fingers to apply it.

When your locks are first forming, use REAL BEESWAX to hold it together, and use braids and bands. This will keep them water-resistent, soft, good smelling, and very natural. Then after the locks have ‘locked’ use oils to reduce dandruff, and keep them strong and water-resistent (to avoid dry-rot or mildew and easier hair drying).

One of the most natural and affordable oil blends to use in your hair can be found at most stores. It is called “Africa’s Best: Ultimate Herbal Oil”; and is a mix of soy, sesame, olive, castor, and multiple nut oils; kiwi, ginseng, and aloe extracts among other brilliant ingredients. This oil can be used as a healing hot oil treatment, bath oil, body skin oil, cuticle oil, massage oil, hair & scalp oil! Also I have used this oil on leather, wood, and metal to preserve them too!! Best of all its about $3 usually!!!


note:  curly and long hair forms dreadlocks easier


6 Responses to “Dreadlock Hair Care”

  1. Thanks for the tips. How long does the whole process take ?

    • You are welcome. Well you could consider the whole process as from the time you start dreading, to the day you die; but if you mean how long from starting to having them all dreaded… it depends. Curly hair dreads faster than straight hair, however even if you start them all at the same time, some dreads form better than others. Once you get a tight-mat in one part of a lock, it may still take awhile to train the rest of that strand. I use bands and braids even after they are formed, to help protect them and add color and texture. I think the longer the hair is, also the easier it is to get the hair to tangle.

  2. People must understand that before what cosmetic there were using
    which comes under hygiene and organic and then they must take for regular use. The more hair you have, the more it can be shaped and decorated to fit individual personalities.

  3. GreenShoes Says:

    is the hot oil treatment the only way to use the oils in your hair or can you add it whille in the shower i need guidence

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