Scorpion of SCOD

I am going to tell you the story of a creative and energetic young man named Scorpi. He was a traveler, a homeless vagabond who journeyed from the Western Ocean to the Eastern Shores, and from New York to Texas, and eventually he hitch-hiked and walked from the Atlantic back to the Pacific again.

Scorpi was born January 23, 1983 in Seattle, Washington. He never knew his father, and his mother was a crack-addict so he went to foster care. He stayed in foster care until he was 18, and because that is the cut-off year for foster-care he found himself homeless.

2003 –  Scorpi came to town with 2 redneck hobos. We met at the Armory Pub, where we both worked washing dishes. He was so excited to find a friend that likes Red Dwarf, Monty Python, and Doctor Who that he insisted we get a place together the first day we met!

I showed him a place he could stay for free, and no one would bother him. He lived on the Mountain in a half-shell tent-wigwam we made for him during the summer. I taught him not to litter, and to clean up the forest. He was up there during the Hurricane. One day he was so excited about sharing his hash breakfast with me, that he brought it all the way down the mountain in the frying pan to me. It was one of the nicest things a friend has ever done for me. He was always willing to share whatever he had.

Scorpi tried sleeping on my porches and in a room on the 3rd Floor, but his addiction to tv, video games, and messiness became problems and he was asked to leave and he did.

2004 – Scorpi began living with Ken at his antique store downtown.

In January as the snow came down hard, Laughing Lion and I took Scorpi out for his 21st birthday drink at TGI Fridays

2005 – I helped Scorpi move out of Ken’s place downtown and into an Apartment in Bolivar. I joined the US Air Force.

I cosigned a $1,200 loan at the Bank for him, and in return he gave me a spare key to his place and the right to come visit anytime… which was useful for pressuring him to pay the loan payments on time… which he did! I interviewed him in a Youtube video.

2006 – We kept in touch while I was away on Military Duty, and I mailed him some gift packages. When I returned I helped him clean his apartment, and let him borrow my futon. He still maintained homeless habits of not showering, and leaving messes for too long that get worse quickly. I could not find a local social worker on the phone or in person for the State or anywhere to help him.

After he paid off the first loan on time, Winter slowed his cash again even though he was working two jobs (Coffee Mill and Anvil Restaurant), so we cosigned a second loan, this time for $2,000 and I got $200 of it for my social work on his behalf. He had a period of depression, but he made the payments on time, and paid off the second loan as well. He knew that was the last loan I would sign for him, and he would be on his own. To celebrate I designed his Scorpion Tattoo he wanted, and I took him to get it done.

2007 – I got married and moved to Frederick, so I was in town less, and did not visit Scorpi as much. However I did have him over to Frederick once, and took him to the movies a few times afterwards.

SCORPI INTERVIEWS   (1-3 video parts)

  1. Scorpi’s Travels    2. Scorpi’s Politics   3. Scorpi’s Advice

2008 – Scorpi was mugged and his wallet was taken on the back streets of Bolivar, so I bought him a new wallet for his birthday.

2009 – My father died, and Scorpi came to visit afterwards and help recycle thousands of magazines. Scorpi was evicted from his apartment and found a room in a house nearby with a room-mate.

2010 – I had a renter that was a convicted pedophile, and was busy dealing with how to handle him. Scorpi got in trouble at his new apartment on his roommates’ computer. He tried to deny it, but we lectured him for a few hours, and he decided it was time for him to move out of town, and hit the road again. So I spent one last day helping him move his stuff out into storage, and he helped me move some columns under the porch, and then I brought him to Frederick where we ate at McDonalds, and then I set him out on the Golden Mile to begin his trek West.

2011 – Scorpi made it to Las Vegas and lived there on the streets.

2012 – Scorpi made it to Salt Lake City, Utah and lived there sometimes in shelters, but mostly on the streets and in camps. He remains there to this day, and wants all his friends to know that he is ok having fun, and entertaining people with his signs to make them laugh. He earns enough panhandling to afford a phone with internet connection, and go to new movies at the theaters on opening-night!

2015 – Salt Lake City, Utah, home of conservative Mormons; has legally determined that helping and housing homeless people makes more financial and humanitarian sense than trying to push them away, or arrest them!?! They now say they are committed to giving every homeless person a home within 10 days, and appointing them a social-worker. Ironic but true, and the best ending for this story so far.



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