SCOD Therapy Roleplaying Characters

Here are a set role-playing personalities for self-help Therapy. Since most people cannot afford a therapist, now you can spend time with any of 7 SCOD characters for free!


2 people could “play therapy”, or just one person can imagine what the character would say to help them (after studying them), and make their own Therapist to fit their own needs at the time. If all else fails simply imagine what actual people would say, study them so you can recreate simulations in your mind. The difference between creative people and schizophrenics is that creative people choose to imagine things as though they are real, and can have useful control over their “intentional delusions”.


Seven SCOD Therapists


Madam Bouffont – psychic, clairvoyant


Dr. Cigar Fraud – psycho-analyst, combining Groucho Marx, Karl Marx, & Freud


Mrs. Sheila Grove – psycho-therapist, behaviorist


Chuck Wegman – psychedelic-therapist, hippie, humanist


Lady Shadow Vox – sex therapist, S&M, post-apoc theory


C3-TO – robot capable of 500 voice personalities, 300 methods, 100 theories


Zebbb – small alien visitor to this planet that uses a Socratic-like method of questions to find out about our planet and people.






2 Responses to “SCOD Therapy Roleplaying Characters”

  1. for those times when you cant talk to someone, or you think youve bothered your friends too much like i do

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