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Tofu Lizard Memoir 07

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Journal Entry 07

Today I got to ride on the Cordite Solar Electric Mower! Man that thing is totally SCOD. Cordite modified the former gasoline fueled riding mower to run on solar powered batteries. The batteries charge during the week, when it is not being used. SCOD children decorated it with brightly colored paint, and for May Day they had it covered in flowers like a parade float! Ha! Alternative living is the best. The people at SCOD are not anymore dysfunctional than most of the people that were considered normal at my old office work place, its just they are proud of being different. Bio-diversity is accepted and celebrated here at SCOD.

In the memory garden today I found the rusted remains of an old truck. When I asked about the old truck with ferns growing out it, the response I got was “Your Mom!” Well it turns out that was the name of the SCOD truck. “Your Mom” was an inside joke, so that when you mentioned the vehicle, it was funny because it always seemed like an insult. “Your Mom” belonged to Sima Ke. Sima Ke was a founding member of SCOD, but his family duties required him to return home to the north. Apparently “Your Mom” was diesel, and ran on Vegetable Oil in the warm months, and had a second tank of regular fossil fuel diesel in cold months (due to viscosity differences). The last time “Your Mom” was operation, Sima Ke was chasing some invading scraggs off the property, but the rednecks fired back with a 22 and hit “Your Mom” in the grill, and combined with winter ice, the truck ran off the road into a tree. The accident was fatal to “Your Mom”, and now she is at peace in her final resting place among the flora, and other ruins and rusty sculptures.



Frederick Water Quality Report

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Frederick Water Quality – Report received by mail


New Design Road Treatment Plant


Regulated contaminants detected

Contaminant parameters detected


Barium industrial drilling waste deposit erosion

Beta Radionuclides decaying material

Dalapon Herbicide runoffs

Di-ethylhexlphthalate Chemical Factory discharge

Ethylene Dibromide Petroleum refinery discharge

Nitrate Fertilizer runoff, Septic System leaching, etc

Turbidity soil runoff

Disinfection by-products artificial toxic chemicals from cleaners

Haloacetic Acids Chlorination by-product

Flouride regulated dental additive

Tofu Lizard Memoir 06

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Journal Entry 06

Later that afternoon I met Cordite the Horse Master and Blacksmith. He had been fixing some utilities around back, in between chopping wood. The three of us played a knife throwing game, on a target board. Drogo assured me that my job working at the bar would be easy. I only had to serve basic food and drink like bread, crackers, soup, water, coffee, tea, and beer. Also there was no cash register, just a strong lock box that was chained to the bar, since tax was included in the prices, and prices were always rounded to the nearest dollar.

That night they showed me to my room in the Inn (end of the Tavern). A few other people passed through the doors, but I knew I had time later to meet everyone. Thanking Drogo and Cordite, I began unloading my pack. I felt quite safe and welcome at SCOD. There are few places in this world that I have been to where I felt so at home.

In the morning the call of the rooster woke me up. I followed the smell of breakfast back to bar at the Pub end of the Tavern. My bed at the Inn had been comfortable enough, and although my door was unlocked I knew my possessions would be safe. There were not enough strangers like me around to worry about, I mused. Things were going to be ok. I was finally reaching the conclusion that this was going to be the happiest time of my adult life, and leaving my old office job was truly the right thing for me to do after all.


Tofu Lizard Memoirs 05

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Journal of SCOD Member Tofu Lizard – Entry 05

The Medieval Pub was very much like the drawings on the website. Heavy timber-frame, with mixes of half-timber infill, scale-shingle siding, and masonry. Mostly earth colors. The Pub commanded a view of the whole site from atop the hill, as the road wound up to it. I introduced myself, and the people outside told me to go on in. Every visible structure and material was hand-crafted. The heavy wooden door creaked as I opened it and went inside. There was a tavern bar on the right, tables and more public rooms on the left, and a fireplace hearth straight ahead.

“How can I help you?” the Bar Keep asked.

“Hi, im new here. My name is Tofu Lizard.” I said.

“Ah well, met. I am Drogo.” he said.

Drogo offered me a free drink of water in a goblet, with a flagon beside it, should I want more. He said that he was the architect and owner, besides acting as bar keeper. Drogo said he mostly manages the property, and other people usually work there. He generously offered me a job working at the Pub and as a field hand. SCOD would not pay me, but in exchange I got to live there for free, provided I worked my shifts, and I could still get tips and extra money on the side, if I sold my own crafts there.

*  [continued in Entry 6]

Mental Note on How My Mind Works

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I naturally see negatives first, its how im set up in general.
So to train myself to be a better person, i develop my ability to see positives and to communicate them to others. Since i prefer positive social interaction, i try to improve that force from within first, then outwards. This is of course in accordance with my spiritual studies. The concept being that we create change from the inside – out. When I practice this technique, it does seem to feel real. That way its not just me saying nice things, its actually me thinking nice things too. It doesnt always work, but thats the idea. Peace (see i actually meant that).

Tofu Lizard Memoir 04

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SCOD Journal of Tofu Lizard Entry  04

Walking along the Trail, I crossed the mountain known as Loudoun Heights and came to the Tri-State gas station. Across the highway traffic-light intersection there was an arch made of wood, metal, and stone. I remembered seeing a photo of it on the SCOD website; and as I approached I saw the letters embedded in the arch: S-C-O-D. This was it! This was the place! I walked through the gate and up the gravel road that was shaded by trees. A small stream ran along below on one side of the road. I passed several driveways for small woodland dwellings. At the crest of the hill I walked beside a farm field. The sun shone down on the freshly tilled soil. Along the perimeter of the field was a ring of green growth, and several dwellings connected by a fence. I remember learning from the website about how the fence and houses enclosed, protected, and tended the field. Each of the field houses and forest houses were unique in design. Each structure utilized the elements of nature in their own ways.

I waved to some people in the field, and they waved back, although they were busy in conversation. I knew I should check in at the main building, so I kept on the road. Soon I came upon a garden glen of ruins. It was a memory garden to a long gone building that had been destroyed in a fire, with tall chimneys. Now a blacksmith shop skirted one of the chimneys, and flowing gardens made terraces of the hulking foundation. I could have stayed there all day just meditating, but I pressed onward.

Finally I reached the Medieval Tavern. Otherwise known as “The Pipedream Pub”, it was the primary building. The Pub acted as town hall, barracks, bed & breakfast, inn, tavern, hotel, gift shop, stage, dance hall, bar, restaurant, residence, private club, gallery, library, tourist attraction, and visitor center. There were a few figures hanging out in the porch area, as I approached. One of them was a farmer, one was a biker, and one was in period garb.

*  [continued in Entry 5]