Mental Note on How My Mind Works

I naturally see negatives first, its how im set up in general.
So to train myself to be a better person, i develop my ability to see positives and to communicate them to others. Since i prefer positive social interaction, i try to improve that force from within first, then outwards. This is of course in accordance with my spiritual studies. The concept being that we create change from the inside – out. When I practice this technique, it does seem to feel real. That way its not just me saying nice things, its actually me thinking nice things too. It doesnt always work, but thats the idea. Peace (see i actually meant that).

2 Responses to “Mental Note on How My Mind Works”

  1. You are everything you THINK you are. Your thoughts become beliefs, your beliefs become actions, and your actions then form a reality. Good on you for firstly, realising–and secondly, doing something positive about it 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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