Tofu Lizard Memoir 07

Journal Entry 07

Today I got to ride on the Cordite Solar Electric Mower! Man that thing is totally SCOD. Cordite modified the former gasoline fueled riding mower to run on solar powered batteries. The batteries charge during the week, when it is not being used. SCOD children decorated it with brightly colored paint, and for May Day they had it covered in flowers like a parade float! Ha! Alternative living is the best. The people at SCOD are not anymore dysfunctional than most of the people that were considered normal at my old office work place, its just they are proud of being different. Bio-diversity is accepted and celebrated here at SCOD.

In the memory garden today I found the rusted remains of an old truck. When I asked about the old truck with ferns growing out it, the response I got was “Your Mom!” Well it turns out that was the name of the SCOD truck. “Your Mom” was an inside joke, so that when you mentioned the vehicle, it was funny because it always seemed like an insult. “Your Mom” belonged to Sima Ke. Sima Ke was a founding member of SCOD, but his family duties required him to return home to the north. Apparently “Your Mom” was diesel, and ran on Vegetable Oil in the warm months, and had a second tank of regular fossil fuel diesel in cold months (due to viscosity differences). The last time “Your Mom” was operation, Sima Ke was chasing some invading scraggs off the property, but the rednecks fired back with a 22 and hit “Your Mom” in the grill, and combined with winter ice, the truck ran off the road into a tree. The accident was fatal to “Your Mom”, and now she is at peace in her final resting place among the flora, and other ruins and rusty sculptures.



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