SCOD Music (audio creative commons)

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Providing web space for posting links to tracks by independent people and communities mixing sounds together, moderated by SCOD (The Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development).

Free Collaborative Music!!! Please remember to site sources when you use these audio tracks. Thank you.

SCOD songs

Doctor SCOD, Scod Battle, SCOD Keywords, Gotta Go Green, Enviro-Mental, Environmental Movement Meditation, Whale of a Tale, Flute Wolf East-West Bridge 2011, Flute Llama 2008, Flute SCAD 1999, Robert Byrd Barbaric, Resounding Freedom, Operation Delirium, Politics Unusual, Infamous America, Rasta Revolution Relentless Struggle, Sabotage 911 New World Disorder, Rebel Radio Rock, Reggae Roots Alarm Call, Hobbit Pendragon Flute, Spiderwick Woods, Journey to Mongo, Engine at the Station, Beat the Fluted Pipe, Tolkien Hobbit Album, Tolkien LOTR Album, Sherlock Holmes Album, Pirate Cheese, Peace Through Cookie, Simple Life, Ultraconspiracy Theory, 911 History Pitts, Harpers Faerie Legacy, Flight On Time, Big Country Creation, Drop This Dont Care, Everything Is Dead, BP Oil Spill Wave, Kill the Terrorists, Mocking Thrush Bedlam, Something Serene, Project Cybermumu, Gothic Space Coaster, Midday Power Mix, Wild Plants, Berry Picking, Solar Fire, Air Wind, Aqua Water, Earth Wildlife


Dr. Drogo Empedocles

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