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FILMATION Style Portraits

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FILMATION Style Digital Portraits

by Drogo Empedocles

Tell Drogo which photo of yours you want him to base a digital art version on, and he will create it personally for you in a few hours. Make sure that you really like his ‘Filmation’ rotoscope montage style before deciding. Starting at only $30 per portrait (based on $10 per hour)! Pay by Paypal or Facebook.

Email the artist for details:

AdevikHannah uk4

Laura Higgins Port

Troll Kat jungle



naomi goldenflap

(see top of article to email artist directly, and inquire about details) *

Pay with PAYPAL or FACEBOOK (US only)!!!

PAY THE ARTIST DIRECTLY using PAYPAL or the US FB feature that allows you to send money from your bank account directly into the artist’s bank account with no hidden fees!!!

This is a simple service, offered only to fans of this rotoscope style. Any negotiations more complicated, will cost more. Your purchase helps to pay SCOD BOG Peep models and other SCOD associates for their art!!


Environmental Music

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Music for the Environmental Movement

I have been composing music to stimulate thought about ecological systems, and environments of this planet; and our human place within the biosphere. I tend to remix electronic sounds with spoken word, because it is easiest for me to record; not counting my native-american-indian flute music, but without words I feel it is more neutral in its message, however it can be argued it is more natural sounding. Regardless, after making a few tracks, and uploading them to Reverb Nation, and Sound Cloud; I realized classification was unique for this subject. There was World Music, and Political Revolution Music, but very little true Green Music. Sure there was a sub-genre called “Environmental”, but upon inspection that was just another way of saying “Mood Music” or “Ambient Soundscapes”. 

My Environmental Music is a first of its kind, as it is pointedly political propaganda, aimed with no other purpose than to strike a blow at the industrial establishment in the name of environmentalists everywhere, and throughout time; around the World; for free.

Here is a set for free download on Soundcloud



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Celtic New Age Memoir

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My early involvement in the 1990’s Celtic New Age Movement

During Catholic high school (1992), I studied World Religions; and decided that the religion that fit me best was Celtic Wiccan. Before then I had been Methodist – Agnostic. Now I realized how much I loved Nature, and how much flora and fauna were a part of my life. The more I studied literature, art, and architecture my beliefs were confirmed.

When I got home from school, I would go downtown (in Harpers Ferry), and visit the Herb Lady Shop. Often the ladies that worked there would play celtic music, like Clannad and Loreena McKinnett. Well the atmosphere was seducing, and my entire soul told me that the rapture of the “New Age Movement” was paradise on earth.

So together with other local pagans, we formed a coven, founded a circle, and practiced loving magic. Later in times of heart-break, it was Wiccan love magic that helped me survive. The celtic and eclectic new-age love that I found within myself, still survives to this day, and I am always tending its immortal flame.

This path also led me to eventually become an environmental architect, into the 21st Century! I will never stop fighting for what I think is right, and it is still embodied in my faith. Blessed be the gods and goddesses of nature, and all the elements!!!

Celtic Music favorites

– Drogo Firewalker Hawthorn Empedocles III

Bobby is Jack’s younger brother

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Bobby from Supernatural is the younger redneck brother of Jack from Friday the 13th (tv series). Jack was raised by their occultist mother, and Bobby was raised by their hunter father.

SCOD Music on Soundcloud

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Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development

Free Collaborative Music on Soundcloud:

CCLA (Creative Commons License with Attribution)

10 Eclectic Pagan Lessons

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I am a pagan celtic wiccan shaman priest, and I thought I would share 10 lessons, or teachings that I have gotten from my wise elders and life experience.

As an eclectic pagan wiccan, there are a few core beliefs that I have. This means that these are things I believe every day of my life, and have since high school. Some of the ideas are more celtic, while others are more Buddhist, Native American, etc… I see them as very compatible spiritually. They are all a part of who I am. Here I will list a few of them.

1.  Nature = what others call “The One God”

2.  Elements = genderless aspects of Nature

3.  Goddess = female aspect of Nature, divides into dual, triple, etc.

4.  God = male aspect of Nature, divides into dual, triple, etc.

5.  Try to harm none, do what thy will.

6.  What we do comes back to us, in some form; sometimes multiplied.

7.  Shit happens.

8.  Seek positive aspects although often difficult, because negative are so easily destructive.

9.  Magic = power, energy, will, creativity, mysteries, etc.

10.  Try to make things better, and often it is the middle way; because nothing is as it should be, and yet everything is.

– Drogo F. Empedocles