10 Eclectic Pagan Lessons

I am a pagan celtic wiccan shaman priest, and I thought I would share 10 lessons, or teachings that I have gotten from my wise elders and life experience.

As an eclectic pagan wiccan, there are a few core beliefs that I have. This means that these are things I believe every day of my life, and have since high school. Some of the ideas are more celtic, while others are more Buddhist, Native American, etc… I see them as very compatible spiritually. They are all a part of who I am. Here I will list a few of them.

1.  Nature = what others call “The One God”

2.  Elements = genderless aspects of Nature

3.  Goddess = female aspect of Nature, divides into dual, triple, etc.

4.  God = male aspect of Nature, divides into dual, triple, etc.

5.  Try to harm none, do what thy will.

6.  What we do comes back to us, in some form; sometimes multiplied.

7.  Shit happens.

8.  Seek positive aspects although often difficult, because negative are so easily destructive.

9.  Magic = power, energy, will, creativity, mysteries, etc.

10.  Try to make things better, and often it is the middle way; because nothing is as it should be, and yet everything is.

– Drogo F. Empedocles




3 Responses to “10 Eclectic Pagan Lessons”

  1. Neither monotheism nor polytheism is more or less enlightened by nature. The One God sees the Universe as a whole, while the Many Gods sees the Universe in all its various aspects.

    • To me the mono vs poly theories do not have to be exclusive of each-other, they are both equally valid ways of seeing reality and beyond. One focuses on unity (often through Patriarchal Domination of other cultures), and the other focuses on an aspect of the pantheon (sometimes can become as polarized against other tribes as Mono-cults).

      • Monotheism and Polytheism are both equally real and equally an illusion, just as our lives are in relation to our mortal perceptions of existence.

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