Environmental Music

Music for the Environmental Movement

I have been composing music to stimulate thought about ecological systems, and environments of this planet; and our human place within the biosphere. I tend to remix electronic sounds with spoken word, because it is easiest for me to record; not counting my native-american-indian flute music, but without words I feel it is more neutral in its message, however it can be argued it is more natural sounding. Regardless, after making a few tracks, and uploading them to Reverb Nation, and Sound Cloud; I realized classification was unique for this subject. There was World Music, and Political Revolution Music, but very little true Green Music. Sure there was a sub-genre called “Environmental”, but upon inspection that was just another way of saying “Mood Music” or “Ambient Soundscapes”. 

My Environmental Music is a first of its kind, as it is pointedly political propaganda, aimed with no other purpose than to strike a blow at the industrial establishment in the name of environmentalists everywhere, and throughout time; around the World; for free.

Here is a set for free download on Soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/scod-music/sets/environmental



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