FILMATION Style Portraits

FILMATION Style Digital Portraits

by Drogo Empedocles

Tell Drogo which photo of yours you want him to base a digital art version on, and he will create it personally for you in a few hours. Make sure that you really like his ‘Filmation’ rotoscope montage style before deciding. Starting at only $30 per portrait (based on $10 per hour)! Pay by Paypal or Facebook.

Email the artist for details:

AdevikHannah uk4

Laura Higgins Port

Troll Kat jungle



naomi goldenflap

(see top of article to email artist directly, and inquire about details) *

Pay with PAYPAL or FACEBOOK (US only)!!!

PAY THE ARTIST DIRECTLY using PAYPAL or the US FB feature that allows you to send money from your bank account directly into the artist’s bank account with no hidden fees!!!

This is a simple service, offered only to fans of this rotoscope style. Any negotiations more complicated, will cost more. Your purchase helps to pay SCOD BOG Peep models and other SCOD associates for their art!!


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