Life Liberty Over Killer Liberty; Many People Are Too Stupid To Have Guns

Gun advocates may not respect me for various reasons. Although I have fired, and own several types of guns; I sometimes do not use correct terminology for them. I also prefer collecting and using blades over guns for various reasons. Also as an adult, I prefer Peace over War.

However I am still a warrior, a fighter, and a veteran soldier (5 years service in the ANG). Also I respect and like guns as a tool for killing enemies worthy of death; or for hunting, although I am not a hunter.

All that being said, I have also been:

1.  Shot at by drunk rednecks

2.  Threatened at Gun Point several times

3.  Had several friends die from being shot

If you have had any of these type of incidents happen to you, and are afraid for your life, or have a similar PTSD like I do; and you still want to defend the freedom of everyone to have guns, over the need to reduce the amount of guns and people that have them… then i will respect your opposing opinion. If you have never had any of these terrible things happen to you, and you support gun possession over gun control; then you are probably ignorant and should shut the hell up before some-one shoots you or you shoot some-one else. I speak from experience, because I once favored gun violence freedom (when I was a kid and teen), over the right for people to live that want to live in peace. I now think I was wrong, and that way of thinking is ignorant or unethical evil produced by fear (Nazi shit). Trust me, I do understand that way of thinking, i just think it is wrong.

So yes, I may sometimes call a gun an automatic weapon, when it is only a semi-automatic model; or some other semantic issue that someone thinks is a huge problem. I however think that the thousands of guns, untold amounts of ammunition, and unknown amounts of insane people that will use them irresponsibly, are all together a far larger problem.

As a warrior I do not believe that adding more guns to the situation, will solve much; that is why I do not carry my guns with me in most cases. Mexican stand-offs often create more tension, and more potential for shootings to be provoked. Although if all testosterone driven gun-addicts shot each-other, that might make the world a safer place (after the mass shootings are over).

I have also heard the argument that other countries without guns have higher blade violence, and such things like the insane person would just use a blade or bomb instead. I do not believe the statistics support these claims, and certainly do not compare in number of deaths. Guns are simply easier for insane idiots to use, that is why they are used to get the body counts. If the crazy people have to work harder, like have skill with a blade, or build a bomb, the odds are that they do not do it, as other factors stop them; or if they try they are unsuccessful at killing as many people. The people that use bombs, would most likely be the same people that want to use bombs in the first place, and people that would have otherwise used guns, would not be able to use other weapons in the same way for numerous reasons: psychological, intelligence, skills, and environmental factors. The simple fact is many people are too stupid to have guns. I admit I may be one of those people, because I think I should have guns if anyone should; and I am sure people more unstable than I am feel the same darn way. I think there should be a grandfather clause for existing gun owners, and then start restricting a little more, at least until we have evolved enough to behave ourselves on the whole. (which may be never)

“In one year, GUNS murdered 35 in Australia, 39 in England and Wales, 194 in Germany, 200 in Canada, and 9,484 in the United States.

The GUN Murder stats per 100k > US: 4.14 Canada 0.76 Australia 0.44 Germany 0.22 England/Wales 0.07. US has the highest gun murder rate.”

World Homicide Rates = USA 4.2 vs UK 1.2 = we have 4x the homicide rate that England does; combine that with the Gun Murder Rates, and Cultural Psych Studies, it is clear that the availability of guns is our problem. It is not because we are more violent a culture than England.

I have had loaded guns aimed at my head a few times, and friends die from them, guns are not going away because they make cowards feel brave because they are tools for death that weaklings can use, and fear of violence or death is not going away. I hope the movement focuses on militant social attitudes in our government eventually, it seems like the way we use tools is a cultural thing.

* This all being said, I end this article with a prayer for all the innocent victims of gun violence against them, or accidental shootings. May my friends all rest in peace, and the souls of all those victims, even ones I would never know, go on to a better state of being, and may their remains rest in peace. May we learn to resolve our problems in this world more peacefully from now on, and may we not have to worry about gun violence in the future, whether by some middle-ground or by a safer way of living. *

So mote it be. – Drogo Empedocles


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6 Responses to “Life Liberty Over Killer Liberty; Many People Are Too Stupid To Have Guns”

  1. well, we share a common experience as i’m sure you know and having been once very close to being on the wrong end of a stalking nutjobs gun, a Burkina who apparently had delusional reasons to kill me, I still steadfastly believe in the right of gun ownership. any society that forced its people to de-arm themselves has had catastrophic outcomes. people have a right to defend themselves by whatever means they may find they need. I do not trust our delicate social fabric to protect me or my loved ones. yes, the evidence of violence differences between the US and some other countries is overwhelming ,but I would suggest that the cultural value and lifestyle differences are greatly more to bear for this than the presence of guns. people will always do fucked up things, coincidentally the same day in China a man killed 22 kids with a knife at a school. people are wacked. next time I see James walking towards me I want the freedom to have a deterrent at least equal to his threat. I think the real culprit here is that our society is basically “sink or swim” and we offer next to zero in terms of substantiative help to people who are most likely to snap.

  2. nutjob, not Burkina…. damn autocorrect!
    unless,of course, Burkina is some foreign word for “Shitbag of pus from a diseased whore”

    • Another correction is that the man did not kill 22 kids with a blade, they were just wounded by the blade. Since I know you I think you are ok having a gun personally, just as i have guns. Also since we both know James i have no problem with anyone shooting him after what he did. One of my arguments is that he should have had HIS gun taken away when i reported it to the police that he had a gun, but they did not run a check to find out that he was a felon. Although i cannot change that, i think it is an important point. I will grant you its possible he could have still killed my friend Mike using another means, and he also could have gotten another gun perhaps after the first was taken. So, yeah fuck it all.

    • Perhaps you missed the part where i said ” I respect and like guns as a tool for killing enemies worthy of death.” But i maintain that far too many idiots have access to guns. What that means legally, im not sure.

      • Also other countries that have de-armed have had better outcomes than we have with fatalities in the USA eventually, even if they sometimes had brief up-ticks at first.

  3. when it comes to other countries I think you are correct, and those are countries with a different socio-history from America. I was however referring to countries that have forcibly de-armed a population rather than it being a more democratic process. those countries have become poster children for every fear the nra purports.

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