Internet Nasty Comments

Negative Comments Online

Negative comments are like pieces of shit, they stink and most people are capable of producing them regularly; so we should treat them as such and bury them, or flush them down the toilet of our minds. It is also good to be self-reflective, and if the evidence is over-whelming that we deserve the negative comments, then perhaps there is some use to make sure the waste becomes compost. If you already have compost, and rich enough soil, you do not need to worry about the negative feedback.

It is easy to say “do not let it get to you” or “dont worry about it”. It is harder for me to take that advice. I will attempt to explain why, although i admit it may be a waste of my time, when i could be sleeping and it is 3 AM as usual.

I have gotten some random nasty comments when i publish online, and i think i make to much of them, but then again i make to much of everything i guess. I cannot simple ignore insults, even when it is clear the person does not care about me. Perhaps it is precisely that they do not care, that gives it almost as much significance as those that do care. Such insults are false because they are hollow, insubstantial. Yet it is the void that wounds me, or rather that i wound myself with. When they tell me “get a life” i think about it, and start to argue “i think i have a life, actually”. Perhaps it is also because it is the only comment i get on something, and often no one but that asshole cared enough to write anything, at the time i checked in (be it when everyone else is sleeping and i cannot). I am not sure.

I have not taken the time to address such negative comments at any length (until now), as i am not sure how much attention should be given to people that want to harm others that are not harming them or anyone else. My usual way of handling offensive comments, or at least my first impulse as a fighter, is to lash out at them, and try to hurt them worse than they hurt me (or at least as much). Naturally, this is what they want, as they are self-destructive in their offensive arrogance (asking for a fight). I think i could write a book on the subject, in attempts to come to terms with it, perhaps then it would not bother me so much. Nah.

I will just try to shut them out, and focus my own energy.

– Drogo Empedocles on idiots







One Response to “Internet Nasty Comments”

  1. Theodred Jedi Says:

    You’re right, Drogo. The twats are just asking for a fight. But only because they have no life, are probably ineffective, overweight, impotent, etc. and need some affirmation. Remember though, Fighter, the great Bruce Lee said to be like water. A sure way to victory before any battle has even begun.

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