SCOD Council Meetings

SCOD Council Founded 2012

SCOD Council First Meeting 2013

SCOD Council meetings will be at 8:00 PM on Facebook SCOD Group page and chat, the first Mondays of every month.

These decisions were determined by democratic vote on SCOD Facebook Group, by poll. 6 votes, unanimous.

First 8 Council Members:  Mihai, Burr, Drogo, Mark, Steph, Jeffie, Cheri, Beamer


SCOD Council shall mimic the structure that existing intentional communities have (not just organizations), and make it clear which members are active contributors (previously labels such as SCOD Associative Member were unclear as many Associated Members were more active than some of the older members).

SCOD Council was established for the purposes of developing organic and sustainable cooperative projects, and refining existing ones; by democratic process and discipline.

SCOD FaceBook Group will act as the virtual meeting room for SCOD Council (until otherwise noted). This is currently the largest forum for all SCOD Members. Rules are yet to be determined, but here are some ideas:

  • Those that do not attend regularly (?) to vote cannot be on the Council, but will remain SCOD Members as they wish.
  • Duties of Council
  • Duties of Presidents
  • Voting

(more to be added later)



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