Plant Strong Summary

I have reviewed evidence about one’s nutrition and dietary choices and have come this conclusion: The best diet is a whole food, plant based, diet without meat, dairy or eggs. It also must be as free as possible from processing and artificiality and without any added oils.

In my view this applies in all cases, however it is limited by certain factors (such as climate, location, culture, governmental restrictions, etc) which can make it difficult to apply these dietary principles.

The reasons for making a change to this way of eating to me come down to four broad reasons with growing scientific data to support each one. They are:

1. Better for the environment.

2. It is more humane.

3. It is healthier for your body and helps fight off disease.

4. Improves and refines your sense of taste.

Each of these reasons is packed with a multitude of different sub-issues, good reasons, and evidence to support it. Evidence to the contrary I have found to have roots in propaganda supported by big business who have more interest in making profit by promoting their products and squashing any real data that will make a difference in helping humanity.

     –    Sir Jeffy of SCOD


2 Responses to “Plant Strong Summary”

  1. I wonder how this information rides with the advertisers that placed the new Mercedes Benz ad at the bottom of the screen. Good irony here!

    • That is fucking funny, although i don’t see it on my screen. WordPress does that sometimes on my organic posts. Fucking generic corporate commercial ads…. Anyone know an alternative environmental blog host they can recommend?

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