Germanic & Norse (Viking – Asatru)


All worlds (Ymir) were created in Ginnungagap. Ymir created all other beings, who continue to reshape Ymir. The spine of Ymir is Yggdrasill, and it is fed by Mimir. The first gods were the matriarchal, agrarian Vanir Earth Gods, who were conquered by the patriarchal, warlike Aesir Sky Gods. The Aesir shaped their Golden Hall Valhalla, in Asgard, as a heaven for brave warrior souls who die in Midgard. The souls become einherjar, and prepare for the final war Ragnarok. Ragnarok (like Armageddon-Apocalypse) destroys much and kills many, save for the chosen few, and Midgard will be repopulated by a couple who survive safely inside Yggdrasill. – Scandinavian Eddas (Iceland skaldic Codex Regius 1200s)

Ginnungagap – Void Gap, between fire and ice

Ymir – Nine Realms – High-Worlds: Asgard, Muspell, Alfheim ; Mid-Worlds: Midgard, Vanaheim, Jotun ; Low-Worlds: Svartalf, Niflheim, Hel

Yggdrasill – World Tree Deity (Ash or Yew), cosmic center Irminsul, unites all the worlds, enables reincarnation, and rebirth of humanity

Odin – All Father God, wisdom, magic (Woden, Wodan, Wotan in German)

Thor – Thunder God, lightning, storms, blacksmiths (Thunor – Saxon, Thur – as in Thur’s day)

Loki – Trickster God, offspring: wolf Fenrir, snake Jörmungandr, and Hel.

Baldur – Bold, brave, shining God of Light, or Day (Baldor, Baldr, Baldere, Baldag)

Fenrir – Wolf (Fenris, Fenryr = “fen dweller”, ulfr = “wolf”), son of Loki, destined to kill Odin during Ragnarok, (Freyr brother of Freya)

Freyja – Nature Goddess, animals, wise woman, crone, seer, oracle (Frigg, Freya), heavenly afterlife field Fólkvangr

Wyrd – Fate, destiny, cosmic connection spirit energy, magic word, (weird = supernatural spirit)

Mimir – Water God, river and well of wisdom and memory (mim), life blood of Yggdrasill, created by Fire and Ice mixing in Ginnungagap

valkyries – female spirits who decide which warriors die in battle and which live (angels of battle)

things – assemblies or meetings, covens meeting in groves at a sacred tree

runes – (futhark) alphabet used by Germanic and Norse tribes (100 AD ?), also used in magic and prophesy

Days of the Week named for gods – Tiu’s day (Tyr), Woden’s day (Odin), Thor’s day, Freya’s day ;  [ Website 1;  Website 2 ]


Vanir: (N)Jord, Freyr, Freya, Vana, Kvasir, Heimdal, Ullr, Gullveig, Heidr, Nanna, Sjofn

Half-blood Vanir / Vanir associated traitors / Vanir Giants, Spirits, or Monsters: Ran, Ltir, Mimir, Fenrir, Skull, Hati, Hel, Alvíss, Vali, valkyrie,Var Saga, Skadi, volva, Syn, Gna, Gef


Aesir: Odin, Thor, Frigg, Baldr Bragi Forseti Dellingr Hermóðr Höðr Hœnir Lóðurr Loki Meili Móði and Magni , Vili and Vé, Fulla



Asgard – Aesir Kingdom, home of their Great Hall, Valhalla

Alfheim – Elf Realm, home of light elves (alvar)

Muspell – Fire Realm in the South


Midgard – Manheim, Human Home, man (maor)

Vanaheim – Vanir Kingdom, old Earth deities, Freya’s Fólkvangr (Elysian Field)

Jotunheim – Giant Realm, giants (jotunn)


Svartalf – Dvergar – Dark-Elf Dwarf Realm

Niflheim – Ice Realm, arctic ice and mist in the North

Helheimr – Hel’s Underworld Kingdom in Niflheim, Dead Realm, lost souls (Hell – lowest frozen levels)


 * caution: this perspective is Vanir biased to counter predominant Aesir biased sources, and all those that seek to diminish the power of the Earth Goddess. Rather than interpreting the facts to perpetuate Aesir patriarchy, I favor the facts that support Vanir matriarchy, which should help bring the Earth back into balance; Sky God + Earth Goddess = Balance. The Vanir took on the name of the Aesir when Freya married Odin, in the patriarchal tradition of those that are conquered.


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