Random Poems


When people are jerks or snobs:
i don’t know why i care about what they think
when it’s clear they don’t care
about how i feel about it;
i do this all the time.

They say “Let it go, Go with the Flow.”

Yet the reason i am mad i know,

I must find my own use for comments, for me to grow.

  • Drogo Hawthorne Firewalker


Rust It is the quiet dark depths of thee With serrated splinters to core imbed Changing heart beat, messing with the head Whisper in silence, surrender to doubt Drifting…aimless… Fight to let go They look but don’t see that which is real Cognizant… Consciousness. …Conspicuously concealed Linger here a moment or two, Veiled hidden agenda sublime Heart beat to heart beat, mind to mind Singularity disgrace, to blindness lent Taking sanity to distant decent Fevered blush knowing the eyes betrayed Without word or reason or truth Judgement passed to troubled youth To know, to feel the restless soul To pain and torture that can’t be known Whisper sweetness to innocent ears Words of desire to draw trust near Only to slaughter with jagged stone Taste sweet victory all alone Having left only shadow before winter moon Cold like fresh snow and just as untainted Sealed in the dream so detailed and tenderly painted Words cast, lies pass left to wonder how it came to be Love, love such sweet gentle blade So skillfully used to cut the heart of thee Ending peacefully the physicality of Fe

  • Nimue


Come out from your fairy  bower

come upon this golden hour, 

come to us we beg you please,

fairies dancing on the breeze.  

-Fairytale: A True Story (1995 movie)




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