Ego vs. Arrogance

Ego is not the same as Competitive Arrogance

Ego is the conscious mind, according to Freud we all have it for any amount of healthy self-esteem. Ego is the middle self-awareness between Id (unconscious primal urges) and Super-Ego (higher consciousness). Ego is literally who we think we are on a daily basis, whether that be humble or proud.

Arrogance and Competition without compassion is what many people associate the word ‘ego’ with. This negative connotation of egos actually refers to an unbalanced ego, where an individual becomes ‘egotistical’ or obsessed with their own survival in isolation to the needs of others. These ‘egotistical’ personality types are also called sociopathic or psychopathic.

There is a difference between having will-power to achieve your goals, and being an asshole that does not care at all about others. Also child-like is a good way to be creative, and child-ish means being petty and spiteful. Do not mistake chidlike for childish, just like ego is not the same as arrogance.

Love and sharing should always come before hatred and snobbish stinginess. Competitive arrogance can lead to egotistical narcissists that abuse others like psychotic psychopaths. However we are all selfish to some extent, and sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror.

Ego is simply a word to describe our mind construct, it is a sense of self as the mind develops. Yes our ego is artificial, just as any human-made construct. Without Ego, we would only have Id (and Super-ego if you think of it as separate from Ego), unconsciousness, and instinct. Egos are complex, and can be filled with all kinds of ‘positive’ emotions like love, joy, happiness, contentment, excitement, sympathy, empathy, and compassion; as well as many ‘negative’ feelings as well. Ego is our sense of self, for better or worse, until our spirit no longer powers it, or we cease to function rationally in the physical plane.


One Response to “Ego vs. Arrogance”

  1. like looking in a mirror it is hard to tell illusion from reality because of lighting and surface reflection etc

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