Breaking Boundaries

What is the meaning of a being sitting and contemplating on the subject of his significance; or creating an elaborate alter dimension so detailed and so visible through words and phrases or thoughts; as if for a second he understands himself and all he has been GIVEN… That’s the only way he can cope with the unexplainable fact that this cosmos is limit-less; and to understand that, you must break the boundaries that limit you.

I find myself so restless on the fact that my society’s greatest down-fall is the loss of ambition to know the ancient knowledge of our Mother Earth, and the intellectually crippling material world everyone has now come to know. It’s time we break the boundaries that separate us, the categories that define us, and the seclusion that keeps us from openly sharing ideas!

I write this not with the intention for praise, or even reward… but the humblest intention of great minds that have been long suppressed; being deemed ambitious or divergent. I’m no scholar or Oxford graduate, or even anyone of significance when it comes to landmark discoveries or concepts, but ill also state that at the end of the day none of these things defines you and these writings will always be without punctuation because you should read it how you read it; not how you were taught to read it.

All I’m saying is if you gather anything from the World and all the wonders of you mind it’s one thing; never view the insignificance of one being compared to the entire Cosmos. View the masses of beings as connected, finding the secrets and truths through generations. The Cosmos is everything and everyone that will ever be, life is as significant as you employ it to be.


Tyler Giles


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