Lucky One #4: Refugees

THE LUCKY ONE # 4 “Refugees”

How dare I complain about anything happening to me

When refugees all over the world are displaced by terror

Barely coping without food, water, shelter or beauty

And never having the hope of returning to their homes ?

Beauty surrounds me here.

I live within an oasis of goodness.

The wild plants surround me like a prayer

and still I lament my situation.

Pain and deprivation are all relative.

I have a home but lack joy.

I have food but eat alone.

And I have more rain than I need today.

The refugees from Yeoman suffer from heat;

Too much sun in places all over the world,

Too much rain in others.

Inevitable imbalances on earth.

So today I strive for perspective,

For I displace myself with my own lamentations,

My loneliness is breeding despair,

and I am exhausted from work and worry.

Sure, I am The Lucky One,

Except for the bad luck

which follows me like a black cloud

from which I cannot seem to escape.

A refugee from my own despair

I understand the refugees and their plight,

their flight from torment and death.

We are all refugees…

– Poem By Christine Maccabee


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