Tena Regalo – excerpt from HFC2

After the ‘Forest Fight’ on Loud Heights, Tena Regalo flew back to her tree-house for a well earned rest. Tena, like all veterans of the skirmish, was badly in need of sleep and relaxation. Tena under-stood and over-stood all the conspiracies and chaos, but now she desired to with-stand those forces by recharging her spirit energy. There are many ways faeries recharge their magical energy; orbs, candles, herbs, incense, teas, prayers, spells, meditation, sleep, sex, singing, dancing, laughing, and having fun. Tena was about to begin a series of all these, which her Regalo family called ‘dark healing’.

Tena’s friend Tamie Bog called to her on the ether flute, asking if she could come over to visit. Ether flutes operate at higher frequencies than human flutes, and play notes that only certain faeries can hear. Winged fairies, pixies, and sprites all have their own octave ranges that they can hear and play, on magical flutes. The musical notes from faery flutes are so high pitched, that they transmit through the ethereal realms. [note: country folk pronounce Ether as ‘Aether’]

Tena listened to the full message that Tamie played, and it resonated in her heart from far away. Tena meditated on how she felt about having a visitor, and being with her friend again. Sage smoke and warm bath water allowed much of her nervous trauma to subside, and love desire began to pour into her being. She missed the simple pleasures of frolicking in the flowers with Tamie and her other friends. She missed the joy in their voices, the light in their eyes, and the gifts that they gave each-other. Tena was compelled by a sudden urge to reach for the ether flute, and call Tamie back.

Tamie Bog had a number of relatives, all named the same name. According to pixie tradition, if two pixies have the same name, the younger person must change the spelling of their name. Tamie’s mother was named Tame. Her female sisters and cousins were named a variety of variations; including Tamy, Tamey, Tami, Tammi, Tammy, etc. As you can imagine, the spellings became longer, and nick-names and magic names were used to distinguish one from another.

Candles glowed like the stars, reflected in the window glazing, as Tena picked up her ether flute, and played the notes that were only for Tamie…

– from the book Harpers Faery Sevel War, by Drogo Empedocles

part of the Harpers Faery Chronicles


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